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Laughing Horse Bookstore to move by bike

Posted by on May 11th, 2006 at 3:19 pm

Laughing Horse Books is a collectively run bookstore in Southeast Portland that was co-founded by Tim Calvert, who also co-founded the Citybikes Cooperative bike shop. As you might have read on IndyMedia, Laughing Horse has been forced to move due to a rent increase.

Turns out they want to do the move by bike! Here are the details.

It will take a major effort to make this happen and it would be a great way for the bike community to show support for this important neighborhood resource. If you aren’t familiar with bike moves, check out this recap and photos from last month.

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organic brian
organic brian

The folks I’ve talked to at Laughing Horse are skeptical… they’re prepared to move the shelves by truck even if the books make it by bike. It would be great to show them that it can all be moved by bike, but this would take a good turnout with lots of trailers. Move will continue on Monday for anything not moved on Sunday, contact Laughing Horse about times… 503-236-2893


good luck, laughing horse. if they don’t want to be forced out of their next spot because they can’t pay rent, they should consider removing some of the extremist signs in their windows. i’m a liberal, a biker, a feminist, all that. i love books, and i live three blocks from the current laughing horse location. i would love to go in their store and buy their books.

but the sign in their window attacking hillary clinton as too “ambitious” keeps me the hell out. times like these, and hillary clinton is enemy number three? pf.

good luck, laughing horse. you’ll need it.

Jonathan Maus


When leaving a comment, please don’t put my URL in the URL field. I have nothing against you at all, it is just confusing and I don’t want people to think you speak for or are affiliated with the site in any official capacity.



I’m pretty certain this topic wasn’t started so the community can debate over the political views of the people at the Laughing Horse.

If you don’t want to help with their move because of some “extremist” (oh, please!) stickers on the front door, then stay away while the rest of the community does what they can to support a local business!

And if you want to boycott them and hundreds of other “extremist” Portland businesses for their political stance, do it out in front of the store or via another forum where you have a fighting chance of making a difference. This is most certainly not the place.

organic brian
organic brian

Jami, Laughing Horse is having to move purely because their rent was increased drastically. If you support Hillary Clinton (she supports war and hasn’t called the current administration on their lies or lawlessness) then you’re not part of their intended customer base. It seems to me you’re just advertising your political ignorance to the whole community viewing this website.

Do you by chance have anything to say about bike moves or in particular Laughing Horse’s bike move?