City’s “Hub” project off and rolling

NE hub headquarters

The Portland Office of Transportation Options is in high gear. They’re in the midst of the Northeast Hub Project, a comprehensive program that aims to encourage walking and biking in Northeast Portland.

Yesterday I gained clearance to the top-secret Hub headquarters to check out the operation.

Transportation Options are the folks behind many of the innovative and fun outreach programs in Portland. They do things like the Summer Cycle ride series, the Women on Bikes program, and they give away tons of free bike maps and other goodies at community events throughout the year.

Northeast Hub Project

[Elly, Kirsty and Bethany
deliver the goods.]

Their current project is aimed at the lucky residents of Northeast Portland. The goal is to reduce short car trips within the target area by making it easy and appealing to shop and get around by bike and on foot.

The program began with a newsletter that was followed up by an order form where residents can choose any number of free gifts (including a cycle computer, umbrella, pedometer, etc…) and either a walking kit, a water conservation kit, or a bike kit.

The bike kit includes all sorts of great information and resources. Most exciting among them is a coupon book which includes deals from neighborhood businesses if you show up by bike. Also included in the approximately 5,000 bike kits they plan on delivering is one of my stickers, “If you were riding, you’d be happy by now.” I’ve already heard from one person who got one and put it on their kegerator. I’m so proud.

The best thing about the program is that all the kits are hand-delivered by bike by a trio of kind and capable cyclists; Elly, Kirsty and Bethany (see photo). You couldn’t ask for a harder working and more enthusiastic crew of ladies to do this job. Each day they wade through stacks of completed order forms, enter them into a database, fill up their trailers with freebies and information, the go forth to spread the good word.

According to Kirsty, the bike delivery leaves quite an impression on people: “People are surprised to realize that you can do things on your bike besides riding for fun. It shows them you can actually do things on a bike,” (this comes from someone who recently moved by bike!). Elly added that, “they’re shocked when they see our helmets on.”

But the Northeast Hub is about more than just freebies and handouts. In tandem with the program the City also offers, “Smart Living Classes”. These are held at a local school and include classes on bike commuting, bike touring, and shopping by bike. Very cool.

linda ginenthal

[Linda Ginenthal on the job.]

Heading up the effort is Linda Ginenthal. You might remember Linda from this AP story on her last year that was beamed across the country. She’s the unassuming visionary who blends her passion for promoting appropriate transportation choices with her program and people management skills. In other words, she’s a nice person who gets things done.

Linda and the Options team realize that the best way to get more people out of their cars for short trips is to make it easy and fun (and bribe them with free gifts). When I first moved to Portland two years ago I was a part of a similar project. I remember being amazed at how much the City cared about my transportation choices. It was empowering and inspiring and left an impression I still carry with me today.

Eventually the Options crew will target every part of the Portland metro area. So next time you get a knock on your door by a smiling bike delivery person, thank them, enjoy your freebies, and consider leaving the car at home on your next short trip.

[Here are more behind the scenes photos of Hub Headquarters.]

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16 years ago

I just think that it is SO COOL that Portland has a secret bunker dedicated to getting people on their bikes!

16 years ago

I was pretty impressed when I received their newsletter. Lots of good information, well designed peice.

It sure is a great time to be a cyclist in Portland. Thank you!

16 years ago

It’s because of programs like this that are the number one reason for me moving from the Detroit, Michigan area to Portland. It’s all about the bike!

16 years ago

I saw someone towing the trailer Tuesday and wondered what it was. Now I know!! Thankx for keeping us up to date Jonathan

16 years ago

I was in my secretary’s office a couple weeks back admiring her bright red umbrella. It not only opened, it CLOSED by itself, when I pushed the button. And it said “Travel Smart” on it. What was up with that? (And where could I get one?)

She replied, “Oh, the City gave it to me. It was part of a giveaway program to get people walking and biking. Wait for it – it will come to NE soon.”

So I waited. And waited. Then the notice appeared in the mailbox. I pounced on it (don’t let the wife and kids see this) – bright red umbrella for ME please – and please deliver by bike (probably the ONLY thing ever delivered by bike to my house).

A few days later, a bag full of goodies, complete with bright red umbrella that opens and closes like anything. What a great program. I’d feel guilty if took the umbrella with me in the car, so I better keep walking and biking. But I won’t get wet because I have a really cool umbrella. 🙂

Dan Porter
16 years ago

I received the notice a few weeks ago and then promptly forgot about it until this post yesterday. I went to the website, filled in the form clicked submit and then anticipated waiting a few weeks to get my “goodies”.

A few hours later I arrive home from work and my wife says “a bag of stuff was delivered to you via bike a little while ago”… Low and behold, I had a nice bag filled with all the stuff I had just requested. Talk about efficiency!

Thanks Portland Office of Transportition! My only regret is that I wasn’t there to greet & thank you when you arrived!

Kristin Lasher
Kristin Lasher
16 years ago

I’m interested in information on your Portland walking and biking kit.

Thanks, KRistin Lasher