Good news on South Waterfront design

As I reported earlier, initial designs for the South Waterfront development project were unsafe for cyclists. Several movers and shakers at City Hall put their heads together and got City Council to approve a more acceptable design in a resolution that passed this morning.

Get all the details over at

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16 years ago

Wow this is absolutely fantastic. I hope to hear great news like this concerning bike lanes for the new bus mall.

Adams Carroll (News Intern)
16 years ago

The Oregonian published something about the new design today (excerpt below, full article here):

“Another significant conflict arose between the streetcar and plans for a bicycle lane on Moody.

After numerous meetings, the transportation office devised a plan that allows both the streetcar and the bicycles to use the right side of Moody, with the bike lane ducking between the sidewalk and raised streetcar platforms.

“It’s a slightly unusual design, but it looks like it will work,” said Mark Ginsberg, chairman of a city bicycle advisory committee.

City Commissioner Sam Adams, whose office helped broker the compromise, suggested that the bike lane be paved in a different color between the sidewalk and streetcar platforms so streetcar riders “will know a bike might be whizzing by.”