Riding the latest e-bike system from Bosch

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Bosch e-bike system test ride-4.jpg

Murdered out e-cargo bike.
(Photos © J. Maus/BikePortland)

Electric bikes have a very bright future in Portland. There are many reasons why: Many Portlanders love cycling and our city encourages it, we have hills and steep bridges to pedal up, our expensive housing is forcing longer bike commutes, and e-bike technology — as technology tends to do — is always getting better/lighter/cheaper.

On that note, I had the opportunity to test ride the Bosch eBike System last week. From what I’ve heard around the industry, their new mid-drive system is the best on the market. As the largest automotive parts supplier in the world and with over a century of experience, it’s not hard to fathom that Bosch could jump into this market and deliver a solid product.

I also noticed that Xtracycle decided to spec the Bosch system on their Edgerunner cargo bike. That alone is a good sign that the Bosch system is worth paying attention to.

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Interbike Day 1: Wading into a foreign land

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Yes folks, this is the scene just
steps from the entrance to America’s
premiere bicycle trade show.
(Photos © Elly Blue)

I just finished my first day at North America’s biggest bicycle trade show. Interbike has something like a thousand exhibitors and 20,000 attendees from all over the world. Below are photos and thoughts from my first day on the ground at the Outdoor Demo.

But before I get to that… What’s with having America’s premier bike industry event in Las Vegas? It’s a terrible place to ride a bike.

I realized this immediately upon exiting the airport on my trusty Brompton (yes, you warned me — but I had no idea it was like this). I’ll spare you the gorey details, but suffice it to say, these photos of my ride to the Sands Convention Center only start to do it justice.

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New Xtracycle child seat eases kid/cargo compatibility

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Easily carry kids, cargo with the PeaPod LT
(Photo by Xtracycle)

If you want to carry your groceries on your bike, or pick up a load of lumber from the hardware store, there are a lot of bikes out there for you on the U.S. market, particularly longtail bikes — particularly the Xtracycle, the Yuba Mundo, and the Kona Ute.

But wait, you also want to carry a child or two along with all that orange juice and cat litter? That’s a little more tricky.

But times are changing, with Xtracycle’s release this week of the PeaPod LT, the first child seat that is fully compatible with its longtail bikes.

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Updated: In case you were wondering: Xtracycles are taking over

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[See end of story for updates.]

A family ride to IKEA-5.jpg

Kids, cargo, or both; longbikes rule.
(Photos © J. Maus)

I can remember a time not too long ago, when Xtracycles were an oddity. They first started showing up at bike industry trade shows in the late 1990s and they were a novel, fringe product that only true bike geeks really knew about. At that time, the industry was still completely enamored with cliff-hucking downhill bikes and road racing machines (Lance was just getting started).

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