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Gresham, Astoria, and Eugene to split $970,000 from ODOT’s Urban Trail Fund

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Design drawing of Springwater Trail Spur
in Gresham. UTF-funded portion is in
green. Blue lines are Powell Blvd
(top) and Springwater Trail (bottom).

The Oregon Department of Transportation is likely to confirm Wednesday the first three projects to be funded through their new Urban Trail Fund (UTF) program. The UTF was established as part of the Jobs and Transportation Act (HB 2001) that passed the state legislature in 2009. There were $970,000 dollars available in the fund this year.

The following three projects have been recommended for funding by the Oregon Transportation Commission, a governor-appointed body that advises ODOT:

$300,000 – Springwater Trail Spur (Gresham)
The grant will fund an informational trail kiosk and 250 linear feet of an off-street trail that will eventually connect E Powell Blvd with the Springwater Corridor Trail through Main City Park in Gresham (total trail is 900 feet). According to Gresham’s grant application, the trail will be 17-feet wide and will be constructed this fall.
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$970,000 up for grabs in Oregon’s new Urban Trail Fund

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spring day on the Esplanade

People riding on the
Eastbank Esplanade.
(Photo © J. Maus)

The Urban Trail Fund, a new grant program that was included in the state transportation bill (HB 2001) passed in 2009, will officially open for applications today.

ODOT will award $970,000 this year to a maximum of four projects. Only one application is allowed per city and projects must be within the Urban Growth Boundary. According to the bill language the money must go to projects that:[Read more…]

BTA makes headway in Salem on new “Urban Trail Fund”

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Legislator bike ride at the Oregon Bike Summit-1

The Capitol
(Photo © J. Maus)

The Bicycle Transportation Alliance‘s executive director and lobbyist Scott Bricker has helped lawmakers improve a new Urban Trail Fund that is part of the Governor’s transportation package.

House Bill 2001 is still being worked on down in Salem, and amendments published earlier this week were very bad news for bike funding. The BTA was very disappointed in how the bill was shaping up and they signed onto a letter (download PDF copy) with a host of environmental and land use advocacy groups outlining their concerns.[Read more…]

Lawmakers leave bikes out of transportation bill: BTA “disappointed”

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“This is not a very impressive step forward in terms of recognizing the role of bicycles in addressing our transportation needs.”
— Doug Parrow, head of BTA’s legislative committee

Salem lawmakers have published their much-anticipated amendments to Governor Kulongoski’s transportation package and the news for bikes is bad. Very bad.

When the bill was first introduced back in November, bike advocates saw some positive signs that funding for bike projects might finally get the increase it deserves. There was talk of an increase to Oregon’s Bike Bill to take it from from 1% to 1.5% of highway project funds that would be guaranteed for bike and ped improvements. Advocates also hoped for a new fund specifically dedicated to non-motorized transportation corridors.[Read more…]