Weekend Event Guide: COBRA photos, Show & Tell, Pedalpalooza, Mt. Hood, e-bikes, and more

Find a friend and/or a fountain and enjoy the weekend.
(Photo: Jonathan Maus)
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With all the depressing absurdity in the news, you could probably use a good bike ride right about now.

Good thing the weekend is right around the corner. And even though we’re coming to the end of Pedalpalooza there’s no shortage of fun to be had.

The aforementioned month-long festival of free bike fun ends with a bang with rides that will illuminate your brain and the night. And who’s ready for a challenge? There’s racing on Mt. Hood and a big adventurous option just on the other side of the Columbia River. And remember this is only a selection of all the great events. Check the calendar for full listings.

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Two local lawsuits put focus on riding conditions, responsibility – UPDATED

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Two lawsuits filed in the past two weeks put a focus on the question of who’s responsible for safe riding.

According to The Oregonian, a woman was badly injured last May during a mountain bike race in Hood River when she attempted to ride over a log that had fallen on the trail. She now seeks $273,000 from race organizer Hurricane Racing (Portland based bike shop Fat Tire Farm, the event’s main sponsor, is also named in the lawsuit).

Here’s more from The Oregonian:

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Bus service, advocacy group are latest signs of cycling boom in Mt. Hood area

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Come aboard (with your bike),
they’re expecting you.

The City of Sandy and the Mt. Hood area are in the midst of a transportation revolution and bicycling is playing a major role.

Thanks to the huge success of the Sandy Ridge Trail System, the burgeoning popularity of adventure road riding, and bicycle tourism efforts, cycling has reached a tipping point. The excitement around cycling has spurred investment and attention from government officials, inspired a new bike advocacy group, and has had an economic impact on area businesses. Add to that the Oregon Department of Transportation’s ongoing work on the Mt. Hood Multimodal Transportation Plan and you’ve got the ingredients for change.

Two developments we’re keeping tabs on in this area are the launch of a new, bike-friendly bus service along Highway 26 and the growing energy around the Mt. Hood Bicycle and Pedestrian Coalition.

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Bike projects win big with Clackamas County tourism grants

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Biking on and around Mt. Hood will get even better.
(Photos by J. Maus/BikePortland)

The Clackamas County Tourism & Cultural Affairs office has announced 10 projects that will split $200,000 in grant funding and seven of the projects support bicycle-related tourism. This news will surely continue the strong momentum for bike tourism in “Mt. Hood Territory” that we reported on back in July.

These tourism development grants are funded through Clackamas County’s 6% lodging tax which was passed by voters in 1992. It applies to all lodging receipts over $15 per day from county hotels, campgrounds, events, vacation home rentals, and other types of lodgings.

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The Oregonian: Skibowl owner Kirk Hanna gives $500,000 to hit-and-run victim

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Kirk Hanna.
(Photo: Multnomah County)

Yesterday, The Oregonian published a detailed update on the story we shared last month regarding a settlement being reached in the case of a serious hit-and-run that occurred in May 2010 and involved the owner of the Mt. Hood Skibowl, Kirk Hanna, and a Lake Oswego resident named Robert Skof.

Here’s the lede from The Oregonian:

“Two years after Mt. Hood Skibowl owner Kirk Hanna struck a bicyclist — then sped off, leaving the man sprawled unconscious on a Southwest Portland road — Hanna has agreed to pay his victim $500,000.

The case is unusual not because Hanna left the scene — dozens of Portland area motorists do that every year under similar circumstances — but because he eventually agreed to plead guilty to DUII and hit-and-run driving.”

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Settlement reached in hit-and-run case involving Mt. Hood Skibowl owner

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“This shows a level of negligence and disregard for other people’s lives that cannot be allowed in Portland if we want to keep our roads safe,”
Sean DuBois, Skof’s attorney

Lawyers for Robert Skof, who was hit from behind by Mt. Hood Skibowl owner Kirk Hanna while bicycling in southwest Portland last year, say a settlement has been reached in the case.

On May 23rd 2011, the 45-year-old Skof, was riding on SW Macadam near the Sellwood Bridge when police say he was hit from behind after Hanna, 49, lost control of his Porsche Cayenne SUV. Hanna was going around 80 mph prior to the collision and witnesses reported that not only did he leave Skof for dead on the side of the road, he actually sped up once witnesses tried to chase him down. Three months later, Hanna pleaded guilty to misdemeanor Hit and Run, DUII, and misdemeanor Assault (many people were not pleased with those charges, so the Portland Police Bureau explained why that was the best they could do).

Skof’s lawyers, Shulman DuBois LLC, released a statement today saying that they’ve reached a settlement with Hanna. Here’s an excerpt:

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Owner of Mt. Hood Ski Bowl pleads guilty to drunken hit-and-run — UPDATED

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Kirk Hanna hit someone
while driving drunk at speeds
of 80 mph and did not stop.
(Photo: Multnomah County)

Kirk Hanna, owner of Mt. Hood Ski Bowl, real estate developer, and son of carwash magnate Daniel Hanna, and plead guilty to Hit and Run, DUII, and 4th degree Assault in a Multnomah County courtroom on Thursday.

According to Portland Police, Hanna, 49, was driving his Porsche SUV at speeds estimated to be 80 mph when he swerved and struck Robert Skof, ridig a bicycle on SW Macadam Ave, just north of the Sellwood Bridge on May 23rd. Hanna did not stop and witnesses say he sped up when they tried to follow him to get his license plate. The incident occurred at 2:43 am. The victim was transported to a hospital with bleeding and facial lacerations that were not life-threatening.

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