Portland’s ‘pedal powered’ talk show rolls into its third season

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Two of the stars of the Pedal-Powered Talk Show:
host Boaz Frankel and his portable interview desk.
(Photo: Pedal-Powered Talk Show)

Wielding what claims to be “the only talk show desk bicycle in the world,” the Portland-based Pedal-Powered Talk Show is about to launch its third season of using a desk mounted on a Metrofiets cargo bike to conduct video interviews about a variety of subjects in weird and wonderful places.

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Bike maker Metrofiets inks deal with Starbucks-owned juice cafes

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The Evolution Fresh delivery vehicle.
(Photo: StarbucksMelody.com/Metrofiets)

Evolution Fresh, a California juice company purchased by Starbucks back in November, opened its first cafe on Monday in Bellevue, Washington. Why is this on the front page of BikePortland? Well, it turns out that Evolution is seriously considering offering bike delivery for their stores and to test out the idea they’ve bought several cargo bikes made by Northeast-Portland based Metrofiets Cargo Bikes.

According to the StarbucksMelody.com blog, Evolution is “ambitiously thinking about a small local delivery option.”

Metrofiets co-owner Phillip Ross delivered the bikes to his new customers and said they are very enthusiastic about them. “It’s gratifying to be working with such high profile company that ‘gets it,'” Ross said. “Evolution knows that cargo bikes mean business and as such have made cargo bikes a key part of their retail strategy.”

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‘Pedal Powered Talk Show’ now filming in Portland

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On the set of the “Pedal Powered Talk Show”.
(Photos: Daniel Stark Photography)

Once again proving that cargo bikes can do amazing things, a new talk show is being filmed in Portland — and it’s being done entirely by bike. The table the host sits at, the chairs the guests sit in, and all the production equipment are all built into a cargo bike that was made by hand in Northeast Portland.

If you haven’t guessed by now, this project was conceived by one of the owners of Metrofiets — the same folks behind the Hopworks Beer Bike (and many other creative bike-based businesses) that garnered national headlines back in September 2009.

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Metrofiets launches beer bike rental business

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When local cargo bike manufacturer Metrofiets unveiled their “Hopworksfiets” back in September 2009, it was a sensation. The bike, custom made for Hopworks Urban Brewery to be a beer bar on wheels, was a media darling and even made it onto the Discovery Channel.

The bike itself was a smash hit, but it also saw huge demand as event organizers throughout Portland realized its popularity and beer-dispensing qualities.

Now the owners of Metrofiets have made version 2.0 and they’re getting into the beer bike rental business themselves.

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Introducing the Hopworksfiets: Beer, pizza, music, and true Portland spirit, all on one bike

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Phillip Ross of Metrofiets rolls out the new Hopworks party bike, complete with wood bar, kegs on tap, pizza rack, sound system, and mountains of mojo.
(Photos © Elly Blue)

I just witnessed the unveiling of something truly in the Portland spirit: A locally built cargo bike that holds two kegs below an inlaid wood bar. A rear rack is built to hold a stack of pizzas; below that a wood-paneled pannier is in fact a compact sound system.

It’s made in Portland. And it’s beautiful.

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A mini-review and an update on Metrofiets

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Metrofiets drops by the office-8

Behind the bars of a Metrofiets,
with Phillip Ross, my 250-pound load.
(Photos J. Maus)

Phillip Ross from Metrofiets stopped by my office yesterday. I never got a chance to ride his Portland-made, bakfiets-inspired bike at the Oregon Manifest show, so wanted me to give it a whirl.

Before I took it around the block a few times (including once with 250 pound Phillip in the cargo box) I asked Phillip how things were going with the business. He said they were very busy at the Manifest show and that they’ve already got a few orders on the books. Right now, his partner (and builder of the bikes) Jamie Nichols, is working through an eight-bike run.

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