The Historic Columbia River Highway is open again for your riding pleasure

Along with an announcement today from the U.S. Forest Service (see below) that Multnomah Falls has begun a phased re-opening comes news that the last section of the Historic Columbia River Highway closed due to Covid-19 precautions is now open. The Oregon Department of Transportation has officially re-opened the Historic Highway between Bridal Veil and … Read more

Homeowners along Sandy River defend ODOT’s bike-unfriendly guardrails

We’re still trying to learn more about why the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) installed three sections of guardrails in the paved shoulder of the Historic Columbia River Highway south of Interstate 84 last week. These guardrails narrow valuable space used by many bicycle riders and their dangerous placement increases odds of stressful passes and … Read more

The Oregonian: $9 million award for couple hit while biking in the Gorge

The Oregonian reported earlier this week that a jury has awarded more than $9 million to a couple who were hit by a truck driver while biking on I-84 in the Columbia River Gorge. According to The O, the collision happened in 2016 when Eric Moutal and Andrea Newman (both from Vancouver, BC) were biking … Read more