The creations of ‘Fiets of Strength’ builder Jake Ryder

Ryder uses his customers’ existing bikes to build his distinctive cargo creations.
(Photos: James Buckroyd)

You may have seen Jake Ryder’s creations via J_ryde on Instagram, ogled the cyclocross images he shoots as Sellwood Cycles’ official photog, or heard his name from a friend who is into Zoobomb or freak bikes. Either way, Jake is a multi-talented maker who has carved a niche based on his unique perspective on cycling.

I visited his shop in southeast Portland recently to learn a bit more about him.

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Meet Your Maker: Jake Ryder and his latest tall bike project

Dabe Alan's custom tall bike-15-14

Jake Ryder and his latest project.
(Photos © J. Maus)

With Freak Bike Fall kicking off tonight I thought it’d be fun to take a look at a creation from one of Portland’s most talented freak bike builders.

30-year-old Jake Ryder (a.k.a. “J-Ryde”) has only lived in Portland for two years, but he used to visit so often while living in Seattle that it seems like he’s lived here longer. He’s also tends to make quite an impression.

Ryder is a talented maker of many things. He designs and builds everything from event posters to furniture (which is how he pays the bills) — and of course freak bikes.

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