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Filmed by Bike and Bicycle Film Festival get ready to welcome spring

Michael Andersen (Contributor) by on March 10th, 2014 at 3:25 pm

The 2014 Filmed by Bike trailer.

Two festivals of bike-themed short films from around the world — one New York show visiting town this Saturday, and one Portland-built lineup opening next month — are ready to ring in the warm season at the Clinton Street Theater.

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Bicycle Film Festival returns to Portland

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Bicycle Film Festival opening night-2.JPG

Crowds at the event last year.
(Photo © J. Maus)

The eighth annual Bicycle Film Festival (not to be confused with the Portland-grown Filmed by Bike fest) is set to return to Portland next week. On the schedule are two full nights of bike-inspired films (five programs total) that will show at Cinema 21 (616 NW 21st Ave) on December 12th and 13th.

Last year, I reported that the turnout for this fest was a bit depressing. For some reason, Portlanders didn’t exactly welcome the fest with open arms (or at least the smallish crowds made it seem that way).
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Impressive films, depressing turnout at Bicycle Film Fest

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Bicycle Film Festival opening night-2.JPG

Outside Cinema 21 last night.
(Photos: Jonathan Maus)

What do you get when you cross the world’s biggest bike film festival with America’s best biking city? You’d think it would be a winning combination, but organizers of the Bicycle Film Festival – which opened at Cinema 21 last night — are scratching their heads over the low turnout.

Despite an impressive line-up of award-winning films, ticket sales thus far are far below expectations and pale in comparison to other cities — including Paris, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York — where the festival has stopped.[Read more…]

Bicycle Film Fest: What’s on tap today

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Bicycle Film Festival opening night-1.JPG

The Bicycle Film Festival rolls into its second day of screenings today with a full day’s worth of amazing films.

Today’s line-up brings some local flavor to the festival: St. Johns resident Bob Crispin will display his Hall of Fame mountain bike in the lobby before the screening of “Klunkerz” at 3:00 and local filmmaker Vanessa Renwick will screen her work, “Yodeling Lesson”, which features a nude woman riding no-handed down the Mississippi/Albina hill in North Portland.
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Bicycle Film Fest screenings begin tonight

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Still from Monkey Warfare

Tonight at 7:00pm the Bicycle Film Festival kicks of with three separate film programs that are sure to please film buffs and bike lovers alike.

To get things started, local cyclist Carl Larson is leading a ride to the opening program at Cinema 21 (616 NW 21st Ave.). It will be a Trivia Ride with a chance to win free festival passes. Here are the details, followed by the full slate of tonight’s films…[Read more…]

“Klunkerz” film screening will feature Hall of Fame mountain bike

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The Portland stop of the Bicycle Film Festival kicks off tomorrow and one of the films will give local mountain bike pioneer Bob Crispin a chance to share his historic “Tankagnolo” bike (photo below).[Read more…]

Bicycle Film Festival: Day Four

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Event website

BFF DVD release party!

@ rontoms (600 E. Burnside St.) ALLEY/PATIO PARTY 2 pm – till late Music by

The Builders and the Butchers
Here Comes the Big Black Cloud

Performance by the Sprockettes!

Bicycle Film Festival: Day Three

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Event website with full details, festival passes, etc…

All Film Screenings at Cinema 21 (616 NW 21st Ave.)

AFTER PARTY @ ROTTURE (315 SE 3rd Ave.) 8:30pm – 2:30am
FREE PBR 8:30-10:30 DJ Joee Irwin DJ Copy

PROGRAM 4 / 1:00PM

• AFRICYCLE (Canada 2006 | Super8 10 min.)
Dir. Benny Zenga A youth-run charity collects used bicycles to repair and send to Africa.

• BACK TO BACK (USA 2002 | 16mm 4 min.)
Dir. Heather Lenz A cycling enthusiast builds an unusual bicycle for himself and his wife and learns there is more to bike riding than winning races.

• BY BICYCLE (USA 2006 | DV 7 min.)
Dir. Kevin Freeny-Mike Kitson Man rides his bike outside of Portland.

• THE BICYCLE: BERYL THE CHAMPION OF THE WORLD (UK 2006 | Various Mediums 3 min.)
Dir. Kate Siney BRIT DOCS Selection

• RIDING BIKES & ROBBING TRAINS (UK 2006 | Various Mediums 3 min.)
Dir. Philip Parkin BRIT DOCS Selection

• THE BICYCLE: FIGHTING AIDS WITH COMMUNITY MEDICINE (Canada 2006 | DV 14 min.) Dir. Katerina Cizek An intimate look at AIDS through the eyes of Pax Chingawale, a resident of South Africa.

• AYAMYE*: GOODNESS, KINDNESS, GENEROSITY (USA 2007 | DV 40 min.) Dir. Eric Matthies, Tricia Todd In Ghana, a rural village eagerly awaits a shipment of recycled bicycles from the United States. The majority of the bikes are sold in a colorful frenzy to pay for shipping costs, while the best bikes are set aside to take to the village. Ayamye* chronicles the lives of Nurse Letitia and Seth before they get the bicycles and again one year later. These two individuals are very different from each other, the common thread being the need for transportation and the wish for positive development in their community. “Ayamye” is a moving, life-affirming film that proves sustainable solutions to crisis are not always complex.

PROGRAM 5 / 3:00pm

• THE NEW HAPPY HOUR (USA 2007 | Super8 2 min.) Dir. Brian Vernor Racing checkpoint with guns in the Californian mountains.

• KLUNKERZ (USA 2006 | DV, 8mm, 16mm, DigiBeta 88 min.) Dir. Billy Savage A history of the modern mountain bike, this film documents the rise of a huge cultural movement that was pioneered in Marin County on the trails of Mt. Tamaipais. Mountain Biking was born out of the creative scene surrounding the San Francisco Bay Area hippy and rock world of the ‘60s and ‘70s. This film features the characters of that day, such as Gary Fisher, Joe Breeze, Charlie Kelly and Alan Bonds. The races began among friends getting stoned, partying and flying down the mountain on their pre-‘40′ bikes with fat tires: “Klunkerz.” Those fun escapades turned into a sport that changed – and maybe even saved – the bike industry. Now, all over the world, you see people riding mountain bikes.

PROGRAM 6 / 5:00pm

• BAREND JAM (UK 2006 | DV 3min.) Dir. Alex Rankin
Two fun BMX shorts from the UK.

• GASOLINE VS YOGURT (USA 2006 | DV 5min.) Dir. Neistat Brothers The Neistat Brothers have made another short for the BFF. This time Van and his yogurt powered bike take on Casey and his gasoline powered Ducati. You know who wins?

• THE WINKING CIRCLE (short version) (CANADA 2005 | DV 11min.) Dir. Benny Zenga The Winking Circle is a real life phenomenon created by a rare group of friends who set out to eccentrify their world.

• HELLTRACK SHORT BMX VIDEO (USA 2007 | DV 3 min.) Dir. Dave Kellman A look into the Northwest BMX trails, street and park scene.

• BIKECAR (USA 2006 | DV 65 min.) Dir. J.T. Fountain Travis Parker, Louie Fountain and Scotty Wittlake approached travel differently last winter. Putting snowmobiles and 4×4’s to shame, the crew traveled across the great Northwest in a bikecar: a four-person, pedal-powered vehicle that was the vessel of the adventure – part bike, part car. Pulling a trailer with snowboards and gear, the crew pedaled in search of snow for one month. “Bikecar” is a one-of-a-kind documentary that brings a new perspective to travel, adventure and snowboarding.

PROGRAM 7 / 7:00pm


• DAO & THE ART OF BICYCLE INVENTION (UK 2006 | Various Mediums 3 min.) Dir. Danny Beck BRIT DOCS Selection

• BICYCLE SAMBA (UK 2005 | DV 2 min.) Dir. Sophie Clements Samba on bicycles! All sounds directly from the bikes – no added or altered sounds.

• KO MASUDA: LIFE AND PROCESS (Japan 2006 | DV 3 min.) Dir. Marc Blake A short video capturing the unique life and process of Ko Masuda – artist, designer, Buddhist monk.

• WOLFPACK. THE HUSTLE RIDE (USA 2007 | DV 3 min.) Dir. Donny Digital A bicycle crew running a weekly 30-45 mile fast-paced ride known as “The Hustle Ride” across the streets of Los Angeles.

• TANDEMONIUM (USA 2007 | DV 3 min.) Dir. Nathan Wilkes Riding single is fun! Riding with two is double the fun!

• ON THE BOARD: FREECALL MESSENGERS IN SAN FRANCISCO (USA 2007 | DV 9 min.) Dir. Dan Gingold This short documentary examines the advantages and challenges of “freecall” dispatch by following one S.F. messenger company.

• BIKE THIEF (USA 2004 | DV 4 min.) Dir. Neistat Brothers
A study of stealing bikes in New York City.

• HUNGER IN THE CITY (USA 2007 | Video 7 min.) Dir. Paola Gomez The L.A. Burrito Project is a group of people that get together once a week and feed homeless people in downtown L.A. via bicycles.

• DOUBLE RUSH (USA/France 1986 | Video 7 min.) Dir. Aziz Rahman & Jessica Agullo Before email and before fax, there was just one way to get a package across town. This documentary shows some of the best bike messengers of the ‘80s jamming in traffic and telling their story.

• AN APOLOGY (USA 2007 | 3 min.) Dir. Neistat Brothers The Neistat Brothers make a movie for the BFF every year. Here is an apology

• BICYCLE FOR SLEEPING OR MAYBE DRUNK OK (USA 2007 | DV 4min.) Dir. Ross Harris Guatemalan artist Edy Arturo Lopez Peralta shows off his one of a kind bicycle. Awesomeness ensues.

• FAST FRIDAY (USA 2007 | DV 8 min.) Dir. David Rowe A local track bike event held at Cadence Clothing in Seattle, Washington, which aims to support the scene by gathering riders together on “Fast Friday.”

• NIGHT OF THE LIVING BICYCLES: CYKLERNES NAT (Denmark 2006 | Animation 7 min.) Dir. Louise Falck Bruun Markus is hanging out with his friends one night when strange things begin to happen, not only in Copenhagen, but all over.

• TRACK KAIJU (USA 2007 | DV 20 min.) Dir. Michael Green World Champion Fixie King Shino and his travel companion journey from Tokyo to do battle in N.Y.C.’s most legendary, intense alleycat: Monster Track.

• LUCAS BRUNELLE WORLDWIDE BROADCAST (USA 2007 | DV 10 min.) Dir. Lucas Brunelle The famous Lucas Brunelle travels the world from London to Mexico City to New York. In this year’s update of his worldwide adventures you see the emerging bike movement through his helmet cam.
PROGRAM 8 / 9:00pm

• THE YODELING LESSON (USA 1998 | video 3 min.) Dir. Vanessa Renwick Yodeling bagpipe bicycling booty. Moe Bowstern bombs Mississippi Avenue Hill in Portland. No hands! No Brakes! No Clothes!

• BACK TO BACK (USA 2002 | 16mm 4 min.) Dir. Heather Lenz A cycling enthusiast builds an unusual bicycle for himself and his wife and learns there is more to bike riding than winning races.

• REVOLUTIONS PER MINUTE (UK 2005 | 16mm 8 min.) Dir. Joseph Knowles A jazz-inflected documentary tells the story of a day in the life of a bicycle factory.

• EAT! SLEEP? BIKES! (USA 2007 | DV 26 min.) Dir. Sasha Edge Four friends embark on the FURNACE CREEK 508, a 508 mile, nonstop, 46 hour bike ride through Death Valley, California, climbing and descending 35,000 feet on fixed-gear bicycles.

• WE JUST WORK HERE (USA 2007 | Super8 40 min.) Dir. Brian Vernor Every luscious shot in this film exudes love of the bicycle. It follows the workers of Santa Cruz Bicycles, from the factory to the trails, streets and track. The track shots are so beautiful they would inspire any street fixie rider to head for the local track. Legendary skater Rob Roskopp founded a company on passion for the bicycle. The workers of Santa Cruz share this passion through playing and working together.

AFTER PARTY @ ROTTURE (315 SE 3rd Ave.) 8:30pm – 2:30am
FREE PBR 8:30-10:30 DJ Joee Irwin DJ Copy

Bicycle Film Festival: Day Two

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Event website with full details, festival passes, etc…

All Film Screenings at Cinema 21 (616 NW 21st Ave.)

Program 1 / 7:00pm

• KIEST PARK (USA 2005 | 16mm 5 min.) Dir. John Ayala A seven year old leaves his parents and his block for the first time to explore, observe and destroy in a vast new world.

• THERE IS A FLOWER IN MY PEDAL (Canada 2004 | DV/16mm/Super8 4 min.)
Dir. Andrea Dorfman
A rhythm of mixed media reminds us to dust off the old bike and go for a ride.

• DIVERSION IN BRAZIL (USA/Brazil 2002 | 16mm/DV 5 min.)
Dir. Bobby Carter
Take a journey to the neighborhoods of Sao Paulo and discover Brazil’s freestyle underground featuring: Balu, Daniel Molina, Leonardo Claro, and Marcos Paulo De Jesus.

• MONSTER TRACK VI (USA 2005 | Video 7 min.) Dir. Lucas Brunelle
This alleycat is fixed-gear only. It was set on one of the coldest days of the year in New York City. Catch the intensity of riding in New York with some of the world’s most-skilled city riders.

• INES BRUNN – KUNSTRADSHOW (Germany 2000 | Video 5 min.) Dir. Masc Coenen & Ines Brunn Dance, acrobatics, gymnastics—all on a fixed gear.
Ines Brunn introduces us to her style of riding called “Artistic Cycling”.

• SKI BOYS (Canada 2006 | Super8 8 min.)
Dir. Benny Zenga The lost reels of the Ski Boys, which document their inventive exploits in rural Ontario during the early 70’s.

• BIKING IN THE BIBLE BELT (USA 2005 | DV 12 min.)
Dir. James Plumlee There are many obstacles to riding a bicycle in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This short is a glimpse into their strong and varied riding scene.

• ON TIME (USA 1985 | 16mm 7 min.) Dir. Ari Taub This comedy classic short, shown worldwide, marked the debut of director/screenwriter Ari Taub and captured the spirit of low budget filmmaking in New York City. Jimmy a bicycle messenger from the Albatross Courier Company, takes us through the streets and boroughs of New York to deliver a package “on time”. Braving the perilous city streets, there’s nothing Jimmy can’t handle, or is there?

• SOME THINGS RIDE A BICYCLE (USA 2006 | Video 45 sec.)
Dir. Chris Jolly This is a series of chalkboard animations of various funny objects riding bicycles.

• LUCAS BRUNELLE VIDEO (USA 2006 | DV 12 min.) Dir. Lucas Brunelle Over one million people have downloaded his videos. Lucas takes a bike and a camera where no woman or man has biked before.

• WARRIORS: THE BIKE RACE (USA 2004 | DV 20 min.)
Dir. Christopher Ryan, Michael Green, Jesse Epstein
In August of 2002, over 800 bicycle riders descended upon New York City in the form of 89 gangs. Their goal: to live out the epic gang warfare movie known as THE WARRIORS. During the all night race from the Bronx to Coney Island, riders got lost, blood was shed, police outwitted, and countless brain cells destroyed. Most of what took place that night was thankfully never to be discussed again until…WARRIORS: THE BIKE RACE

PROGRAM 2 / 9:00pm

• TIME BIKE (USA 2007 | HD 8 min.)
Dir. John Breen On a seemingly average day in Portland, Oregon, Anthony finds an old bike with extraordinary powers.

• MONKEY WARFARE (Canada 2006 | DV 77 min.)
Dir. Reginald Harkema Many critics have selected this film as one of the best films without distribution of the year. Dan and Linda are two ex-activists in Toronto who live a low-key lifestyle of selling junk online and riding their bicycles. After their pot dealer gets busted, they meet the young revolutionary Susan, forcing Dan and Linda to question their relationship and face their turbulent past. “Monkey Warfare” was well received at the 2006 Toronto International Film Festival winning the Special Jury Award.

PROGRAM 3 / 11:00pm

• BFF Classics
o MONSTER TRACK VI (USA 2005 | Video 7 min.) Dir. Lucas Brunelle
This alleycat is fixed-gear only. It was set on one of the coldest days of the year in New York City. Catch the intensity of riding in New York with some of the world’s most-skilled city riders.

o BIKE THIEF (USA 2004 | DV 4 min.)
Dir. Neistat Brothers A study of stealing bikes in New York City.

o BIKE KILL (USA 2005 | DV 5 min.)
Dir. Rachel Meyrick
The Black Label Bicycle Club puts on the most amazing bicycle events—that is, if you live to tell.

o PEDAL (USA 2001 | DV 52 min.)
Dir. Peter Sutherland

    Acclaimed NYC filmmaker and photographer, Sutherland is known for his work as Director of Photography on the skateboarding film “Stoked: The Rise and Fall of Gator” which played to audiences nationwide, as well as the photography book AUTOGRAF. Pedal is a fast-paced documentary film about surviving in the streets of New York City as a bicycle messenger. It features messengers from all walks of life as they battle traffic in a race to make their next delivery on time. It premiered in 2001 at the South by Southwest film festival and in New York at the Bicycle Film Festival, and later was acquired by the Sundance channel, where it aired until 2004.

Bicycle Film Festival rolls into Portland next week

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The seventh annual Bicycle Film Festival is gearing up for its first-ever stop in Portland next week. About halfway through its worldwide tour, the fest has already made stops in Paris, Los Angeles, New York, and other cities.

For Portland, organizers have planned a four day feast of bike culture that will feature parties, performances and over 50 bike films from all over the globe. [Read more…]