Weekend Event Guide: Winter Light Festival, MMR, Corvidae on Valentine’s, and more!

This year’s Winter Light Festival will go through February 12th (Photo: Jonathan Maus/BikePortland).

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This year’s Winter Light Festival will end on Saturday and the Midnite Bicycle League Challenge ends on Monday, so there’s still time to do both. On the other hand, The Street Trust’s free webinars offer a great chance to learn how to have and provide safer trips for everyone on the road.

For more info about these and more events to biking and local transportation topics, check out our event calendar.

Recurring event: Midnite Bicycle League Challenge
This is the last weekend until the Challenge ends on February 14th. The idea is to encourage folks to ride at night, anytime (no need to wait till midnight!), anywhere, three times of at least 3 miles each ride until the end date of the challenge. Registration is required. More info here.

Friday, February 11th

Winter Biking Clinic – 11:00 am to 12:00 pm. Online event.
Join staff of The Street Trust for a free winter biking workshop. With fellow people who bike for transportation and commuting experts, you’ll discuss the gear, safety tips, and basic maintenance you need to feel comfortable using your bike in the winter. All levels of biking experience are welcome. More info here.

Light Brigade: WLF Inner City Tour – 6:00 pm at Salmon Street Springs (SW)
It is Scott Batchelar and Tom Howe with their well-known Light Brigade, where lights on bike are the main character. Together they’ll visit some of the PDX Winter Light Festival exhibitions located on Downtown, Pearl District and Inner East. The ride will end on a big dance party at at Pioneer Courthouse Square. More info here.

Midnight Mystery Ride – 11:00 pm.
Follow the mystery leader to a fun midnight mystery destination. The start location will be announced by the organizers on the same day of the event. “At midnight we ride!” More info here.


Saturday, February 12th

Oregon Friendly Driver webinar – 10:00 to 11:00 am
The Oregon Friendly Driver program is a free, interactive webinar class which educates drivers on the best and safest ways to use the road with people walking or riding bikes. Registration is required. More info here.

Monthly Overlook Neighborhood Ride – 10:00 am at Foxy Coffee (N)
The Overlook Neighborhood Association (OKNA) organizes this beginner-friendly, family-friendly ride. It is a great way to converse about transportation-related issues and solutions as well as the future of getting around in the neighborhood. Folks also have the chance to meet and chat with neighbors. More info here.

WeBike February Ride – 1:00 pm at Hacienda CDC (NE)
This edition of the WeBike monthly ride will discover how nice it is to reach area parks and businesses by bike, point out important bicycling infrastructure, and talk about future plans for the area. Biketown will provide free e-bike codes for folks in the need of one. There’s even tacos at the end! More info here.

Winter Light Festival: North to St. Johns – 5:45 pm at New Seasons Market (N)
This ride is a continuation of the Light Brigade scheduled for Friday, as it will visit the PDX Winter Light Festival exhibitions located on the North of the City towards St. Johns. The second part of he loop ride will go along the mesmerizing N Willamette Boulevard lights view. More info here.


Sunday, February 13th

Corvidae BC – 2:00 pm at Peninsula Park (N)
This is a slow-paced social mystery ride with a few park stops. Each month is led by a different Corvidae Bike Club member, and therefore will is unique. This Sunday will be themed on St. Valentine’s, so bring your sweetie, bring your crush, bring your friends, bring yourself. More info here.

Naked Hearts PDX ride – 3:00 pm at Ladd Circle (SE)
The ride is clothing optional and also Crow (or bird, or goth) costume themed. The final destination is the massive downtown Winter Crow Roost, where 40,000-70,000 birds blacken the sky and fill the air with their gossiping Ca Caw’s. More info here.

Stay plugged into all the bike and transportation-related events around the region via our comprehensive event calendar.

Maritza Arango (Events Editor)

Maritza Arango (Events Editor)

Contact me at m.arangoojeda@gmail.com or @arango_mari on InstagramTwitter and TikTok.

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