Joe Biden water bottles to raise money for environmental group

Some of the ways Portland bike organizations have responded to Donald Trump.
Left to right: Poster at Gladys Bikes; front door of the CCC, Biden Bidon from Ruckus. These are just some of the ways Portland bike organizations have responded to Donald Trump.

Portland’s bike-related businesses and organizations are reacting to the impending Trump administration in a variety of ways.

Gladys Bikes on northeast Alberta has taped up a large poster on their window that reads: “We welcome all”. And down the street, the front door of the Community Cycling Center (and their blog) make it clear they too are a safe haven from hate.

And then there’s Ruckus Composites. The quirky and successful company that specializes in repairing carbon fiber bicycles is selling water bottles that feature an illustration of Vice President Joe Biden on them. Here’s why they’re bringing back this popular item:

“Maybe it’s our way of dealing with the stresses of operating a small business and the general modern world. Maybe it’s because we find that humor is sometimes the best way to deal with the truth. We made these bottles years ago as a joke but the time to bring them back couldn’t be more perfect. All jokes aside, the best thing one can do now is to get off the internet sometimes and take legitimate physical and peaceful action. Let these bottles serve as a reminder that each individual does have the power to make change, and to never forget the power of humor.”


For the coming week, Ruckus is donating 20% of the sales from each of the $10 “Biden Bidons” (“bidon” is French for can and it’s what the French call water bottles) to the National Resource Defense Council (NRDC) — which they say is a “potential target for a certain incoming administration.” And because it’s Ruckus — and Biden — they’ve put some funny captions in the photos of the bottles on their website. Read them and buy them here.

Know of other ways Portland’s bike-related businesses are responding to these unprecedented political times? Let us know and we’ll update this post.

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Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

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7 years ago

Thank you for posting.

Gary B
Gary B
7 years ago

Love it all. But I think you (and they) mean the Natural Resources Defense Council.