Climate Change talk at Richmond neighborhood meeting

Kristin Eberhard, of Sightline Institute will speak on Monday, January 25 at 7 PM, at the Richmond Neighborhood Land Use meeting, on:

“What YOU can do about Climate Change: From voting to put a price on pollution, to replacing your light bulbs, to welcoming new housing.”

Kristin’s talk will be at 7:10, and a discussion will follow.

Also on the agenda is developer Adam Jones, presenting plans for a 10-unit mixed use building at 2515 SE 41st Ave.

The meeting is at the Waverly Church, 3300 SE Woodward, one block south of Clinton at 33rd Ave.

(Note: You do not have to live in Richmond to attend this talk).

(Correction: An earlier version of this post said this talk was February 25th. It’s January (tonight!). Sorry for the error and we regret any confusion it caused.)

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8 years ago

I’m not a Richmond resident, but I have a feeling I should go, just to counter the NIMBYs.

Doug Klotz
Doug Klotz
8 years ago

Peejay: It was a fun time. You shoulda come.