Do cyclists need shade to keep cool?

At the Sullivan’s Crossing open house, a staffer explained that the planters at the south end “plaza” can’t have any trees in them, since the leaves would be slippery when wet. I know in the summer I ride specifically on streets with shade trees to keep cooler. Am I doing it wrong? Shouldn’t bikes be routed away from shade trees? Or, should we plant conifers, so no falling leaves (mostly)?

Lincoln Diverters, Bumps at Richmond NA on Mon. Aug 14

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PBOT has plans for 2 new diverters (at 26th and at 50th) and 30(!) new speed bumps on Ladd, Harrison and Lincoln, 12th to 60th. Sheila Parrott will give a presentation and ask for a letter of support at the Richmond Neighborhood Association meeting on Mon., Aug. 14, at 7 PM, at Waverly Church, 3300 SE Woodward.

Parrot has been to the Mt. Tabor and HAND associations, with no support letters so far, AFAIK. Harrison and Lincoln have seen increased cut-through traffic since the Clinton diverters were added. At the Mt. Tabor association, some board members were opposed to the 50th diverter, since it would mean less traffic on Lincoln, but more going down 50th. Some cyclists would rather see more diverters and less speed bumps. Staff have argued that the $20,000 cost of diverters is an important factor, compared to $2000 speed bumps.

Let the city, and the RNA, know your thoughts on this, Monday night at 7:00! City plans seem to include asking for neighborhood support, before holding an advertised city-sponsored open house.

Tip your semi over on the sidewalk? No ticket!

Once again, a semi driver heading north on SE Grand has been going too fast, and missed the left turn onto the Morrison bridge ramp, tipping the vehicle over onto the bridge sidewalk. I’ve personally seen four of this type of crash at this location in the last decade. As far as I can tell, there hasn’t happened to be a pedestrian injured in any of these incidents.

The latest was on 8-7-17, about noon. I asked one of the Portland Police officers if the driver would be ticketed for reckless driving. He said, no, the driver is young, and just starting his career. “What purpose would it serve?” said the officer. “He’s already going to pay for the damage” “We can’t issue a ticket because we can’t find that he did this intentionally. He wasn’t DUII.” I asked if rolling your truck on a turn wasn’t evidence of reckless driving, or driving too fast. “He says a car cut him off. If we find a bicyclist under the trailer when we lift it up, then we’ll charge him”.

So there you have it. Tip a 40-ton vehicle onto the sidewalk? It’s not reckless driving. It is just, as the officer said, “an accident”.

New Green Zebra market on Division at 50th with 127 apartments, at Mar. 28 RNA Land Use Meeting

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Learn about the building proposed for 50th and Division, which will include a Green Zebra market as well as 127 units (with bike and car parking) at the Richmond Neighborhood Land Use meeting. David Mullens will present plans for UDG company’s building.

Also at the meeting, Marty Stockton of Portland’s BPS will talk about the proposal to upzone areas within a block of arterials from R-5 to R-2.5, which has been the underlying proposal for years, but now would be official, and may encourage more smaller houses.

Marty will also talk about the Mixed Use Zones project, which will change rules to provide incentives for developers to include affordable units in larger apartment buildings.

Monday, Mar. 28, 7-9 PM, 3300 SE Woodward (one block south of Clinton at 33rd Ave.)

Affordability & Land Use, Feb 22 talk

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Jason Miner of advocacy group 1000 Friends of Oregon, will speak on Affordability, Land Use Policy, Transportation, Investment, and National Trends in Land Use. Monday , Feb. 22, 7-9 PM, at Waverley Church, 3300 SE Woodward.

At the Richmond Neighborhood Association Land Use Meeting. Also on agenda is 6-unit towhouse subdivision at 3322 SE Chavez.

Doug Klotz, Land Use Chair

Climate Change talk at Richmond neighborhood meeting

Kristin Eberhard, of Sightline Institute will speak on Monday, January 25 at 7 PM, at the Richmond Neighborhood Land Use meeting, on:

“What YOU can do about Climate Change: From voting to put a price on pollution, to replacing your light bulbs, to welcoming new housing.”

Kristin’s talk will be at 7:10, and a discussion will follow.

Also on the agenda is developer Adam Jones, presenting plans for a 10-unit mixed use building at 2515 SE 41st Ave.

The meeting is at the Waverly Church, 3300 SE Woodward, one block south of Clinton at 33rd Ave.

(Note: You do not have to live in Richmond to attend this talk).

(Correction: An earlier version of this post said this talk was February 25th. It’s January (tonight!). Sorry for the error and we regret any confusion it caused.)

Rising rents? Talk tonight at RNA meeeting

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PSU Professor Matthew Gebhardt will talk tonight at the RNA Land Use meeting about rising rents and housing prices, and what influences or causes these increases, whether it is regulations, or lending practices or other factors.

Meeting starts at 7 PM at Waverly Church, 3300 SE Woodward. Professor Gebhardt’s talk starts around 7:30 PM.