Virtually Unlimited Free Car Storage, but No Place for Humans

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the fact in this City/Country we have virtually unlimited space dedicated to free storage of cars, but very limited space for the increasing number of humans who simply need a place to sleep in peace and access to a toilet.

What will it take to change this disconnect in values and priorities? What would it take to transfer the value of all the free space for inanimate objects into dedicated space for struggling human beings? Wouldn’t it make sense to eliminate revenue neutrality on parking to subsidize more important things like human health and living conditions?

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Tony Jordan (Contributor)

Sounds like you might be a Shoupista! Check out for more information 😉

Tony Jordan (Contributor)
Reply to  Phil Richman

Phil, awesome! I wonder, though, if you’re on my mailing list. I’m working on this issue a lot, right now, and this is the year we can make a major push to reform our parking policy. Check out that link when you have a chance and get plugged in if you aren’t.


8 years ago

Follow the money.
The automobile and all of its co-dependant industries are commodities that far exceed the economy of social justice.
Sad but true.

Eric Leifsdad
Eric Leifsdad
8 years ago

Use some of that curb space or lots to provide parking for tiny homes and mobile homes. Probably would need permits, some management, time limits (leased space?), etc. A tiny house won’t be affordable for everyone, but it would sure lower the cost of housing very quickly.

8 years ago

I’d like to see the houseless/homeless start pitching tents in the parking spaces along streets… they can’t be kicked out due to the new “homeless isn’t a crime” policies so it would be an interesting scenario to see unfold…