Rising rents? Talk tonight at RNA meeeting

PSU Professor Matthew Gebhardt will talk tonight at the RNA Land Use meeting about rising rents and housing prices, and what influences or causes these increases, whether it is regulations, or lending practices or other factors.

Meeting starts at 7 PM at Waverly Church, 3300 SE Woodward. Professor Gebhardt’s talk starts around 7:30 PM.

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8 years ago

Renters are always welcome at the RNA meetings! People renting may have different perspectives as homeowners and your input is just as important for the future of your neighborhood!

8 years ago

do you want to know why rents are so high?

congested freeways make demand higher for inner city rentals,

open borders increase our population,

outsourcing to foreign countries gives them money to use to buy up american rental properties as an investment – thus raising rents to cover their cost

its only going to get more expensive in seattle/portland/san fran,
and people want to live in these cities because of the nature that is just outside these cities

there will be cheap rent in the rust belt for decades to come — industry has left and nobody wants to move there

old rust belt cities is the proper place for hipsters on bikes — think about it — would you rather spend all your time working or would you rather spend your time on cool art projects or making music?

Joseph E
8 years ago
Reply to  oregon111

Why do Dallas and Houston have low rents then? It’s not just because the West Coast is prettier than the Gulf.
None of those things you mentioned would lead to super high rents if it were not for the very limited supply of land for apartments, due to restrictive zoning in most of Portland (and Seattle, and SF, etc).