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Newswire: Upper portion of Larch Mtn. Road will re-open May 6th

Posted by on May 5th, 2015 at 9:18 am

If you’re a serious rider who has tackled the epic Larch Mountain climb, we’ve got some good news: The upper portion of the road is being officially re-opened for the season on May 6th. If you’ve been going past the gate illegally, then this is probably bad news since now there will be people driving on the last 4 miles.

Check the statement below from Multnomah County for all the details:

Upper Larch Mountain Road to reopen afternoon of May 6

Multnomah County will reopen the upper section of Larch Mountain Road on Wednesday, May 6 by 3:30 pm.

Larch Mountain Road is the highest road in Multnomah County’s jurisdiction, reaching an altitude of 4055 feet in east county. Each winter, the county closes public access to recreation areas off upper Larch Mountain Road by installing a snow gate near milepost 10. Opening the mountain road for recreational users happens each spring. Reopening the gate provides vehicle access all the way to the view parking lot at milepost 14.5 and the walking trail to Sherrard Point.

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3 thoughts on “Newswire: Upper portion of Larch Mtn. Road will re-open May 6th”

  1. Avatar tedder says:

    I looked at the gate and thought about going past. It’s disappointing it says “NO WHEELED VEHICLES” instead of “NO MOTORIZED VEHICLES”. Naturally I’m a cyclist so I obeyed the traffic signs.

    I wish they did a McKenzie Pass-style bicycle-only soft opening for a while. This year would have been perfect for it.

    1. I agree it’s too bad they don’t figure out a way to allow bicycle traffic. But then again, the closure might be a way to save them the money of having to maintain that upper area and if they let bicycle riders by they would be legally liable for the road condition. I can ask the County about a carfree period.

  2. Avatar Champs says:

    Early May, this is the sorry state of snowpack this year. I’ve got three questions about this.

    What does this mean for car-free Rim Drive? I’d have to plan for this one.

    Is it really illegal to ride past the gate? The signs only seem to say that it would be stupid to proceed.

    Do cars even matter on upper LMR? People don’t live or work there like on Skyline or the HCRH. All are there to smell the roses, and their numbers are few. My mind generally locks in on looking for Sasquatch or keeping the pedals turned over; these are the five hardest miles of a 25 mile climb out of Troutdale.

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