Pedalpalooza Daily, Sunday June 12th

Zoobomb Century

It will take speed, stamina and a bit of
insanity to win the Zoobomb Century today.
(Photo © J. Maus)

8:30am Birding by Bike
Grab your binoculars and go for a ride to various birding areas in the Columbia slough! We’ll meet up at Peninsula Park and ride north to the Vanport wetlands before heading west to Smith and Bybee Lakes Wildlife Area. Ride will end in St. Johns at Tienda Santa Cruz #2 for refreshments and refueling. Approx. 9 mile ride.

10:00am Zoobomb Century
Racers meet at the top of the elevators in Washington Park. Race starts at 10AM. Ride a 16 inch wheel bike down multiple routes over and over while keeping track of your mileage. First one to 100 miles wins! Non-racers hang out all day on the hill BBQing and cheering on your favorite competitor.

11:00am The Joy of Sects III
The Bike Temple takes you on a “speed dating” style tour of religion in Portland. A loop tour that visits a diverse and devout selections of houses of worship, giving a representative at each a chance to explain what they do and attempt to convert the group before it’s time to take off.

11:00am Cirque du Cycling
The cycling circus is coming back to Mississippi Avenue! Cirque du Cycling, presented by Laughing Planet Cafe, is a street festival, a circus, a bike race and a parade – and a benefit for Albina Youth Opportunity School.
11:00 – Grand Central Fun Zone for kids (714 N. Fremont)
1:00 – Family Ride + bike safety activities
2:00 – Beer Gardens open
2:30 – Art Bike Parade
3:30 – Cargo Bike race
5:00 – Two-way street (criterium) racing
7:00 – Event closes

Gayest Day of the Year Ride starts at noon.

12:00pm Gayest Day of the Year Ride
SMYRC (Sexual and Gender Minority Yourth Resource Center) & the Sprockettes present the 2nd Annual Gayest Day of the Year Ride: a family-friendly community celebration and fundraiser to support LGBTQ youth.

    12-1: bike decorating, face painting, music, celebrating
    1: begin our leisurely ride through SMYRC’s NE Pdx neighborhood
    1:30: the Sprockettes perform at Irving Park!
    2:30: rally at Mississippi & Fremont for the Cirque du Cycling parade [at] 3!
    4-5: return to SMYRC for Autry!, snacks & revelry

Suggested donation: $10 per rider (folks under 24 ride for free!). SMYRC honors and supports the power of LGBTQ youth to change the world.

12:00pm Dogs in Trailers
Fernhill Dog Park, Ainsworth/NE 35th (In the off-leash section of the park). Do you haul Fido in a trailer? Carry Spot in a “pawnier”? If so, or you just like dogs, join us for a tour of N/NE Portland dog parks, etc.

12:00pm Tweed Picnic ride
Come one come all with us on a Tweed Picnic bike ride. Will travel in great style to Dubois Park. Bring your picnic baskets, umbrellas(for sun), plaid, tartan, tweed, blankets, lawn games, and smiling faces. Ride disembarks at 12:00 noon in front of Angst art Gallery, 015 Main Street, Vancouver, WA.

1:00pm Electric Shuffle, E-bike Scavenger Hunt
Get off your gas and ride out this Sunday on your electric assisted bike! For all e bike riders, and those who are interested in electric assist. This is a photo based scavenger hunt, so dont forget your digital camera or cell phone. We will start at The ebike Store (201 N Alberta) at 1pm, ride the hunt, and end at EcoSpeed for food and prizes. This is not a loop.

2:00pm Bike Polo
Bike Polo has been played nearly every Sunday at Alberta Park for more than nine years. Great for spectators this bike polo is rated PG-13 for profanity, violence, sexuality and gratuitous fun. Mallets and heckling provided. Bring your own beater bike or ride one of ours.

2:00pm Bike Blessing – 4th Annual
NW 18th Ave and Couch St Take Trimet (1716 NW Couch St.)
The program will include the blessing of riders,bicycles and remembering those who have died this past year.

2:00pm Grant Petersen-Style-Ride
It’s back! Equal parts Petersen-style Ride and Petersen Style-ride. Bring your lugged-steel, tweed or seersucker, shellac, cork, and francophile tires… a rolling bike show with plenty of interesting discussion. Good natured curmudgeons gladly suffered. Grouchy know-it-alls dropped. Still no lycra.

2:00pm 4th Annual Fat Girls Ride
Chubby, Rubenesque, Zaftig, Whatever! Fat Girls ride bikes too, so lets go for a ride together. All Skill levels welcome, this ride is flat and nobody will get left behind. The midpoint is a lovely park where we can share a snacks and tips before we ride back to the start location.

3:30pm I’ll Sing On! Sacred Harp at Lone Fir Cemetery
Come celebrate the slumb’ring tenants of the ground with Shape Note Singing at Lone Fir! We’ll tour the cemetery by bike, pausing at points of interest for apropos Sacred Harp selections. Then upon bikes of glory we’ll ride, singing as we can from memory (or precariously balancing books on handlebars?) before arriving at the second Sunday singing at People’s. All are welcome! See for more info.

My ride with Commissioner Randy Leonard

Bad roads = good ride.

4:00pm New Improved Unimproved Road Ride
Meet Jasper and his friendly goats! See Lake Carleton before it goes away! ..traverse quiet woodsy paths beneath majestic trees.. crash through deep gravel..ogle yard art, street art and a sign on the wall reminding us why we love Portland so much! The ride will be a semi-loop taking in the very best of the back-road byways of the Woodstock neighborhood. Come check out this hidden side of Portland! We will congregate at the Southeast corner of Woodstock Park at 4 pm. Knobby or “Cross tires strongly recommended.

4:00pm French Bike Ride
Bring your French bikes (and/or rusty high school French skills) on a casual ride of about 1 hour in N/NE Portland.

6:00pm Presidential Fitness Challenge Ride
Are you fit and nimble as a 17-year-old boy/girl?!? Come prove yourself as we complete (or attempt to) the Presidential Fitness Challenge. Yes, that thing you tried in High School. Well, we’re giving it another shot – all 6 events at different locations around town. Want to make it really tough? Add in a beverage at every stop (there are conveniently 6).
Boys: 55 sit-ups in a minute, 6:06-minute mile, 8.7-second shuttle run, 13 pull-ups, 53 push-ups, and a +7″ sit-and-reach
Girls: 44 sit-ups, 8:15 mile, 10.0-sec shuttle run, 1 pull-up, 25 push-ups, and a +8″ sit-and-reach

6:00pm Open Wrench Night
Community Drop-in Night at Citybikes Cooperative (734 SE Ankeny St) from 6-9pm where you can fix your bike issues. Staff on hand to assist in the learning process!

8:30pm Zoobomb
Zoobomb is long running weekly bike event that meets every Sunday around 8:30PM near (13th & SW Burnside) in Portland OR. Bring a bike, MAX fare ($2.05), bike lights, and any safety gear you need. It’s a good time and you WILL have fun! Mini bikes encouraged – all bikes welcome. Helmets are a good idea. *Ride at your own risk* Leave no trace.

Feel free to share your plans and promote your ride in the comments below. If you’re a ride leader, feel free to add any last-minute changes/info in the comments below. Also, remember to fill our our Pedalpalooza Ride Report Form after all the fun is over.

Pedalpalooza runs until June 26th. View the full calendar at

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

Founder of BikePortland (in 2005). Father of three. North Portlander. Basketball lover. Car owner and driver. If you have questions or feedback about this site or my work, feel free to contact me at @jonathan_maus on Twitter, via email at, or phone/text at 503-706-8804. Also, if you read and appreciate this site, please become a supporter.

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13 years ago

regarding the naked bike ride held on saturday 6/11 in the middle of a bright sunny day. I am not a prude by any means but I think a naked bike ride should be held around dusk or later. I saw the naked riders in the middle of the afternoon in the hollywood district and I thought it was kind of in poor taste. I once rode naked on a dark highway without a light in southest alaska that was heavily populated by brown bears (grizzlies).

Lisa G.
Lisa G.
13 years ago

At least the “moon” was full..:-)

13 years ago
Reply to  Lisa G.

I don’t get it.

Mike Fish
Mike Fish
13 years ago
Reply to  kev

When someone shows his/her bare butt it’s called ‘mooning.’ Get it now?

13 years ago

Correction: The meeting place for the Unimproved Road Ride is the South WEST corner of Woodstock Park (47th and Harold).

Jessica H
Jessica H
13 years ago

I think day nekkid rides are less creepy during the day. Maybe it’s because there’s less drinking or maybe its because its just too hard to get offended by someone whose getting a nether region sunburn.

13 years ago

I think the Pedalounge (as seen today at Cirque du Cycling) and other pedal pubs may need some help from the public petitioning to get their operations made legal in Oregon

Beerbike on YouTube

Ted Buehler
13 years ago

Thanks to all who came on Joy of Sects III, I had a great time.

Pasture Ted

middle of the road guy
middle of the road guy
12 years ago

That mohawked guy looks to be training for a Darwin Award.