Pedalpalooza Daily, Monday June 12th

Bike riding calavera on Williams-4

Take a tour of Latino art and artist
studios on the Latino Art Bike Tour.
(Photo © J. Maus)

After a wild and wooly weekend, here’s what’s on tap for Pedalpalooza today…

11:00am Nude Beach Ride
Ride to Sauvie Island’s clothing optional beach. A beautiful ride, at a moderate pace, to a lovely beach. About 20 miles each way. Meet at the Peninsula Park Rose Garden. We’ll rest on the beach for at least 1 hour before heading back.

3:00pm Miami Vice / Awesome 80s
Col. Summers Park (SE 20th and Belmont)
Pink and yellow? excellent
Pale Blue marbling? Of course
Mauve? Mandatory
Come enjoy the eye-awakening colors and themes of the 80s! Corresponding outfit is endorsed

5:00pm Canadian Pride Roller Hockey Ride
Join us in celebrating one of Canada’s national unofficial sports, Street Hockey! We skate every Monday that has dry pavement! We bike to the rink at Alberta Park and then play roller hockey on roller blades, feet, and roller skates.

6:00pm The Joy of Sax Ride!
Come ride with the largest wind-powered sound systems you’ll ever see on a bicycle! This is a celebration of both the saxophone and the hauling capabilities of Portland’s cycling community.

6:00pm Latino Art NOW Bike Tour
We’ll go on a bike tour to view artist’s studios in N/NE neighborhoods, and see what’s happening in a vibrant growing Latino Arts scene in Portland! We’ll check out some murals too and end up at La Bonita for optional dinner!

6:30pm biking in portland – the board game
a couple of years ago Tom and I had a great idea for a board game about biking in portland–you could race across a semirealistic map with appropriate traps (road rage, construction, headwind) and power-ups (road rage, burrito, bike map). we immediately got snowed under with ideas. Come help me create a prototype of the game board and work out the details and then play it with me! we’ll have facilities to make copies of the game board, rules, and any necessary cards so that you can take home a copy of the game you helped create!

6:45pm Tandem Ride
Nothing beats a leisurely summertime ride on a tandem with your sweetie. Come join us for the second annual mellow ride on tandem bicycles through the neighborhoods of northeast Portland. We’ll start at Irving Park (Fremont and NE 7th), and wind our way over about five miles to Peninsula Park on N Ainsworth where we’ll have a post-ride picnic. Bring food and drink for the picnic, if you’d like. Doesn’t it all just sound so romantic?!? All experience levels welcome, as well as solo (tandem curious) riders. ‘

7:00pm Tour de Franzia
In the springtime, concerns turn toward the horde of cyclists turned loose upon the streets of cities and towns across the country. In many communities, concerned citizens ban together to hold trainings for the adventuresome who ride bicycles in the hope of preventing accidents. The goal is to develop and refine their set of skills for on-road riding with external or internal box-wine loads.

8:30pm Karaoke to Karaoke
We’ll ride from karaoke bar to karaoke bar. Bring dollars for drinks and to tip the KJs and get ready to SING!

10:30pm follow your heart feat. cockadoodle more! ride
smokey hazy liquidy fun! no sunshine, just a fire and stuff. one god with the hope of all the people behind him and with all the collective powers of reason and joy that money can, but wont handle !!!!

Share your plans and promote your ride in the comments below. If you’re a ride leader, feel free to add any last-minute changes/info in the comments below. Also, remember to fill our our Pedalpalooza Ride Report Form after all the fun is over.

Pedalpalooza runs until June 26th. View the full calendar at

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

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