‘Bike boys of Portland’ pose for water project fundraiser

One of a series of “Bike Boys of Portland” postcards being used to raise money for a local cause. A calendar is in the works too.

A local activist working on a project to bring fresh water to an Indonesian village is putting together a calendar of “Bike Boys of Portland” to raise money.

“I combined my passions of bikes and water with another of my passions, which is hot guys.”
— David Nokovic, PedalFresh

“Dear Bike Boys of Portland,” a letter from PedalFresh Art Director Katherine Jacobs and Project Manager David Nokovic starts, “we, and the city of Portland are big fans!”

They continue: “We need your glistening bodies, and shiny personalities to showcase in a Bike Boys of Portland 2012 calendar.” The calendar is part of PedalFresh’s mission to use creative means to increase access to potable water for people who don’t have it.

Their current water project works with an NGO called the Alternative Indigenous Development Foundation to set up a gravity-fed water filtration system that would provide a community in Indonesia with access to fresh drinking water.

The project’s price tag? $30,000.

Nokovic says $5,000 will come from a grant from the Wal-Mart Foundation, but PedalFresh plans to earn the balance the old fashioned way: by showing some skin!

“I combined my passions of bikes and water with another of my passions, which is hot guys,” Nokovic said.

“I could have just applied for another grant,” Nokovic said. “But I felt like this was a better way. It involves a lot more people, and plugs them into creative ways to do good things. I want to inspire people to engage in the global community. It’s more fun, and we’re more self-sufficient.”

PedalFresh doesn’t come up short in the “fun” department. They’ve already released a series of Bike Boys of Portland postcards to drum up enthusiasm for their upcoming calendar. The calendar will continue in PedalFresh’s artistic direction, but add a story to the image of each month’s ‘bike boy’.

“These are a bunch of really rad-tastic people who are passionate about what they do,” Nokovic said. “They have some great stories. I think it’s important to share their stories.”

And how does Nokovic intend to get these “rad-tastic” dudes to strip for the camera?

“Tequila and lime.”

The calendar will be released this fall.

Check out PedalFresh.com for more info. To buy postcards, or donate your glistening body and shiny personality, email info@pedalfresh.com.

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12 years ago

what is it about bikes that makes average people hot and hot people even hotter?

12 years ago
Reply to  eljefe

I have wondered this myself. There are some sexy people of any/all genders on bicycles in this town.

12 years ago


12 years ago

they didn’t ask me

12 years ago

I want to be a bike boy! Wait, I am!

12 years ago

Jordan is hotter than the photo in person. Let me take the photo!