B-line launches ‘B-shares’ to help get food to those in need (Video)

Posted by on November 18th, 2010 at 1:45 pm

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B-Line has spun off a new project called
B-shares that delivers surplus food
to those in need..
(Photo © J. Maus)

B-Line, a Portland-based delivery company that uses cargo trikes for last-mile delivery in the urban core, has launched B-shares. B-shares is a new program that takes surplus food from stores and restaurants and then quickly and cheaply delivers it to non-profits that feed the hungry.

After going through a successful pilot program over the past three months (having delivered 800 meals in August, 1,200 meals in September, and 3,200 meals during October), B-shares is now ready for prime time just as the holiday season is ramping up. As part of their push to spread the word about the program, B-Line has just released this new video:

As part of their pilot, B-Line has been taking surplus (a.k.a. “gleaning”) food from Whole Foods Market and biking it to non-profit organizations like Sisters of the Road in downtown Portland. Beyond simply providing more food, the B-shares program offers some key value-added benefits for these non-profits because B-Line can get the donated food into their hands quicker and more cheaply than larger delivery trucks.

B-Line trikes can carry 700 pounds, they already make seven daily delivery trips downtown, and they can skirt around congestion by using bikeways that motor vehicles can’t use (although some folks get annoyed by having to ride around them).

Another nifty aspect of the B-shares program is that B-Line is “crowdfunding” its costs by asking individuals to fund it. For just $20, you can buy one B-share which is equivalent to 40 meals.

“It truly is an amazing use of our trikes,” said B-Line founder Franklin Jones via email yesterday, “and one that I believe the Portland bike community would be excited to support.” So do I!

Learn more and purchase a $20 B-share at B-shares.com.

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Through the B-Shares program, B-Line has provided groups like Sisters Of The Road with fantastic, fresh, largely organic and/or local produce to serve to our customers. I urge folks to support B-Shares and food justice for all people!


Kudo’s to B-Line
Kudo’s to Whole foods for not throwing good food in the trash. I knew someone that worked at Safeway and they were never allowed to glean any excess food, they later moved on to new Seasons and found a much better attitude in that regards.
B-line – if I honk at you it is for support, not to get off the road

single track
single track

AWESOME! if only more local urban delivery utilized this method. this kicks @ss!


I love this!! I so want to work for b-line!!