Portland Design Works donates $9,000 worth of lights to BTA

Portland Design Works founders Dan Powell (L) and Erik Olson headed out to deliver $9,000 worth of bike lights to the BTA.
(Photo: Portland Design Works)

If you swing by Pioneer Square tonight from 5-7 and join the BTA (for a special, $35 membership fee), you’ll get one of these awesome lights from local company Portland Design Works (more details on BTA Blog). Check the press release about their donation below…

Portland Design Works (PDW) is proud to announce the donation of $9K of Radbot tail lights to Oregon’s Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA).

“We feel that giving back is part of the being in the Portland cycling community,” said PDW Co-Founder Dan Powell. “Working with the BTA is a privilege for us. After all we are able to utilize the fruits of their years of labor riding around Portland on a daily basis.” 

The majority of this donation from PDW will be used as incentives to Willamette Week Give!Guide donors that up their gift to the BTA in 2010.

From November 11th – December 31st a $25 donation to the BTA through the Give!Guide gets you a BTA membership, a $50 donation gets a Radbot to go along with the membership.

“Partners like PDW allow us to further our reach and impact while providing well designed, useful components to new and renewing members.” Said BTA Membership Director Tom Rousculp. “Our relationship with PDW is not only rewarding, it’s fun! That’s what sets them apart.”

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12 years ago

Erik and Dan are such stellar dudes with an amazing business homegrown right here in PDX. If you get a back light from the rally tonight, you should get an equally awesome headlight from them to match – then you’ll be visably stylin’ AND supporting an awesome local business which continues to give, give, give back to the community.

12 years ago

I’m confused. Are they giving away the lights, or does it require a $50 donation?