Your Big Bike Weekend Event Guide

Pretty Dress Ride

Pretty Dress Ride, circa 2005.
(Photo © J. Maus)

Another big weekend ahead for all you bike lovers. And did you remember Sunday is Mother’s Day?! If you’ve got your mom in town, head out east to Gateway for their Mother’s Day Fun Ride — or choose from any of the excellent two-wheeled endeavors below…

Friday, May 7th

5:45 pm: Seven Wonders of Vancouver Ride & Art Walk
Dress up in your glitzy, arty best and ride to downtown Vancouver for their monthly First Friday Arts Walk. If you’ve never ridden north to Vancouver (it’s easy!) this is a great way to learn how.

7:00 – 9:00 pm: Presentation by Dr. Jeff Spencer (Lance Armstrong’s Team Chiropractor)
Jeff Spencer is a former Olympic cyclist who was the team doctor for the US Postal Service and Discovery Channel cycling teams when Lance Armstrong was in the midst of his eight consecutive Tour de France victories. Tickets cost $15 a piece and the talk is in Wilsonville at Devine Chiropractic (8225 SW Apple Way Ste 100). Call 503-245-8445 for more info.

6:00 – 9:00 pm: Art By Bike – First Friday
Pedal Bike Tours leads this ride to explore three new art galleries each month.

Saturday, May 8th

9:30 am: East Portland Action Plan Bike Tour
Come join the neighborhood activists working to make East Portland a better place to live and ride. The tour will loop 8 miles through the neighborhoods of Hazelwood, Glenfair, Wilkes, and Centennial.

6:00 – 9:00 pm: Queen Bee Creations Grand Opening
Queen Bee makes excellent panniers from their studio on N. Williams (and they also advertise on BikePortland — thanks Queen Bee!). Join them at 3961 N. Williams to celebrate their new space and growing business.

10:00 am: Eric Kautzky Memorial Track Race
This is the fifth annual Kautzky Memorial Track Race. All proceeds benefit the Eric Kautzky Memorial Scholarship Fund at Tigard High School.

10:00am – 12:30pm: Portland Fire & Rescue Ride
This ride will tour a selection of historic fire and rescue sites in Portland and will end at the Belmont Firehouse museum.

11:45am: Bike the St. Johns Parade
This event has become quite the bike scene in recent years. Organizers say, “We’ll have a spot near the front so we can show off our rides, then when we’re done we can watch the rest of the bands, floats, and fun.”

2:00 – 5:00 pm: National Train Day “Bike Train” Ride
Turns out that May 8th is National Train Day so a group of locals have made a Bike Train. They plan to hitch all their trailers to each other and make a train that “a couple blocks long.” They’ll tour “Portland’s Trainiest spots” and then end with “train sushi.”

Sunday, May 9th

1:00 pm: Pretty Dress Ride
A time-honored Portland tradition, the Pretty Dress Ride is always a blast. The only rule of the ride is that everyone must wear a pretty dress (guys, that means us too). The event starts with croquet in the park and ends with eating from food carts.

2:00 – 5:00 pm: Gateway Area Business Association Mother’s Day Fun Ride

A family event that will include an expo/vendor area set up at 111th Square and short loop around the Gateway area.

6:00pm – 9:00pm: Citybikes Drop in Night
Work on your bike with pro mechanics on hand to help you out. $5 suggested donation (plus any parts you buy of course).

For more events, check out the Shift calendar.

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Todd Boulanger
12 years ago

Hi Carye,

Thanks for leading the ride up to Vancouver! Remember to stop by North Bank Bar – the Lipz Cabaret might be having another fun show. And check out the new bikeway improvements on the Vancouver side of the bridge – they should be done by now(?)

PS. Folks who might be running late and still want to join the bike fun from work…remember you can take CTRAN express bus (Rt 105, $3 and 15 minutes later) or a 15 minute bike ride north from the Expo MAX station.

Jim Labbe
Jim Labbe
12 years ago

That guy in the dress with the old mountain bike looks pretty darn radiant.

Ted Buehler
12 years ago

Yes, first annual National Train Day bike ride.

We might not get a couple blocks of trailers the first year, but I think we’ll have at least 6. And We”ll have extra cardboard railroad cars to put on your burley to make it look authentic.

2pm, 100SE Alder (Whistle Alley).
or search for “National Train Day Bike Ride” on Facebook

12 years ago

And we hope that radiant guy in a dress returns for another pretty dress ride!

Thanks Todd for the Tips!

12 years ago

I’m a rollerblader, but I’d totally do that dude in the dress. Wheeled commuters unite and copulate!