Details on the new Sustainable Transportation Finance Task Force

In case you’re curious about the “finance task force” I’ve mentioned several times in my recent 2030 Bike Plan coverage, I now have more details.

According to the City Council resolution passed yesterday, the official name of the group with be the “Sustainable Transportation Finance Task Force.” The group will be corralled by the Bureaus of Transportation, Planning and Sustainability, Environmental Services, Parks & Recreation and the Portland Development Commission. Their aim will be to:

“… form a finance task force to identify and pursue multiple strategies to increase funding for sustainable transportation and bicycle transportation; and promote the implementation of the Portland Bicycle Plan for 2030…”

In addition to the City bureaus mentioned above, a tentative membership list also includes: representatives from business and neighborhoods; Metro, ODOT, and TriMet; the City’s Freight, Bicycle, and Pedestrian Advisory Committees; and the Willamette Pedestrian Coalition and Bicycle Transportation Alliance.

More specifically, the “tentative goals” of the group will be to:

  • Develop a summary of existing resource dedicated to implement the Bicycle Plan
  • Develop a summary of future resources that could be directed toward Bicycle Plan implementation
  • Develop strategic funding scenarios for consideration by City Council in the budget process

This new task force is mandated to report back to City Council with their findings by November 2010.

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12 years ago

All this excitement about the plan and nary a comment about the critical component of *funding* it. Thanks for this information. I’m happy to see a team devoted to help turn the plan into reality.