Thank You

Below are the faces and names of just a few of the people who have worked hard for over three years to develop the Portland Bicycle Plan for 2030 — the best bike plan in America.

It has been a long road to get here, and without the dedication of our advo-crats in the Portland Building it would not be as stellar as it is. There are obviously many, many more people that helped make this plan great. To everyone who was a part of this effort: Thank you.

Mia Birk

Dan Bower

Ellen Vanderslice

Roger Geller

Linda Ginenthal

Mark Lear

Paul Smith

Robert Pickett

Greg Raisman

Jay Graves

Robert Burchfield

Denver Igarta

For anyone interested in going back down the road, browse the 66 articles of Bike Plan coverage in my archives dating back to February ’07. From the rides Roger Geller led to gather public input, to the policies in the plan, to the infamous funding cut by Mayor Potter and much more.

I hope the stories and photos serve as a monument to this effort. And remember, while the relationship between BikePortland and PBOT has changed a lot since my coverage of this plan began, one thing has not changed — my deep respect and appreciation for the work you all do on our behalf.

Thank you.

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12 years ago

Congratulations to everyone, and thank you all for your hard work!

Go Portland!!

12 years ago

Thank YOU too, Jonathan. Your dedication to keeping us all informed makes Portland a better place.

12 years ago

Are we allowed to submit updated photos?!

Seriously, I would like to extend a big thank you to, among others, Scott Cohen in Options. Scott did some great work with tight deadlines to turn our musings in to legible sentences.

12 years ago

Great post, Jonathan. Happy to see the love. This group (along with many strong activists and supporters) has done some really great work, I’m excited about the future.

12 years ago

Why aren’t all of them wearing helmets!?

I kid. Thanks everyone, Jonathan included!

I’m way proud to be from here.

12 years ago

Seriously, Dan. We need to get you in something way more fetching, like a sweater-vest.

Ted Buehler
12 years ago

Jonathan —

Thanks much for covering the development of this bike plan, and providing frequent, interactive coverage. Your chronicling of the 3 years it took to get the plan developed and approved offer instruction to other cities, and will be an invaluable resource to future historians.

And, thanks to the fabulous folks who made it happen!

Ted Buehler

Adams Carroll (News Intern)
12 years ago

I think Jonathan deserves quite a bit of credit for keeping the plan
moving along.

My understanding is that in spring 2007, mayor Tom Potter cut funding
for Bike Plan development. Without funding, the plan would have moved
very slow and not amounted to much of a document.

Jonathan kept bicyclists informed of this and published a series of
deft, deep-cutting, thought provoking posts on the situation,
including planting seeds in peoples’ mind, like “Funding cut is
opportunity for activism.”

What could have been an “oh well, what did we expect from City Hall?”
defeatist mindset became a “Let’s get out and show our love for the
Bike Master Plan” event.

Largely as a result of his rallying the troops, over 200 people —
“well over twice the usual amount” — rode on the next “Bike Plan
Ride” with Roger Geller. And within 10 days, Bike Plan funding was

Without supportive media like, the bike plan could
have suffered a serious setback in 2007, and we would not be
celebrating the approval of a World-Class Bike Plan this week.

Cheers to Jonathan and

(& can anyone who was around in 2007 comment on my summary?)

Ted Buehler

Key posts from Jonathan’s archive:

* April 24

* April 25

* April 30

* May 2nd

* May 5

12 years ago

I couldn’t say it enough times. I’m deeply grateful not only for the dedication and hard work that all of these people do professionally, but also for the time taken out of your personal lives to attend meetings and support the community. It’s a serious expression of your honor and dedication.
And I second Ted’s comment that Jonathan deserves a great deal of credit too. While you may not have been involved in the creation of the plan from a design perspective, there’s no question that it would be a shell of it’s current state without your support.
And similarly to all the people who have written letters, attended rallys, and made signs. thank YOU too.