Interbike’s ‘legendary’ fashion show (and it’s coming to Portland!)

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Stylish clothes demand stylish bikes. This woman’s new Raleigh rig complemented her outfit nicely.
(Photos © Elly Blue)

For the second year in a row, Momentum Magazine produced their Urban Legend Fashion Show at Interbike.

Five models rode around a circular runway, stopping at various platforms to pose, while riding sweet bikes and wearing clothes that ranged the four seasons. Most of the outfits were not strictly bike specific, but the splash of technical gear — a stretchy black face mask, or goggles, or one of these crazy inflatable seats — kept the crowd excited.

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In the Sugoi booth.

Along with the rise of transportation and commuter bikes at the Show this year, bike fashion is also gaining steam. This new focus on “velocouture” isn’t coming strictly from brands that have always been considered fashion-forward. Take Sugoi for example. The Canadian company is well-known for their excellent line of high-performance bike clothing, but this year they put their stylish foot forward with a new “Human Operated Vehicle (HOV)” collection.

But, I digress. Back to the runway…

The models, the bikes, the vibe — it was all smoking hot. Here are a few more of my photos:

Note the scar on her right knee!

Looking good on the Madsen cargo bike.

Notice all the different crowd reactions.

Can’t take yourself too seriously when you’re having fun on a bike. (This guy’s Chrome shoes were a big hit).

Getting excited about all this great-looking bike fashion? Well, sit tight because the six-week bike culture extravaganza known as Oregon Manifest is bringing Momentum and their fashion show to Portland. It’s happening October 10th to coincide with Portland Fashion Week. More info at the Oregon Manifest schedule.

For more from the Interbike Fashion Show, check the slideshow below or click over to the gallery:

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RyNO Dan
RyNO Dan
14 years ago

The always lovely Ms. Michelle Candido.