First look at new on-street bike parking in North Portland

Posted by on June 26th, 2009 at 11:56 am

New bike corrals have replaced car parking spaces in front of two businesses on N. Williams Ave. (note the one across the street too).
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(Photos © J. Maus)

City of Portland maintenance crews have completed installation of two more on-street bike parking “corrals,” bringing the total citywide to 17.

We covered the new parking in more detail yesterday before they were installed. This morning, I swung by with my camera to take a closer look.

In front of Lincoln Restaurant, PBOT has installed a corral with six staples. That’s enough for 12 bicycles:

new bike corrals on N. Williams-2

new bike corrals on N. Williams-4

Across the street, in front of Pix Patisserie and the Fifth Quadrant pub, PBOT has opted for a larger corral that has 10 staples and enough capacity for 20 bicycles:

new bike corrals on N. Williams-7

new bike corrals on N. Williams-6

This new parking (combined with what’s already there), will do wonders for customers of these eating establishments, will make biking in the area more enjoyable, and will add nicely the overall vibe of this bustling bicycle district.

See a few more photos in the gallery.

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Lookin’ good!

Though I think there should be some sort of reinforced post on the side that motor traffic comes from for the inevitable careless/drunk/cell phone driver interlude. Better they wreck just their own transportation rather than a dozen other peoples.


Huh, that’s kind of a bummer these corrals aren’t actually ON Williams. Just the visuals of these on that busy street might reinforce to all the zippy drivers that there are many bicyclists on this route. “Slow down! Look over your shoulder when you turn right! etc.”

Jessica Roberts
Jessica Roberts

Yeah, but I feel more comfortable that my bike won’t get hit on the side streets, so it might be something of a wash…


Just passed by these and the one in front of Pix was totally full! Great to see.

Ben Foote

I’ve updated the Bike Corrals map to include the new location

And I’m headed that way now so I’ll be psyched to see them in person.


26th and Clinton, please!!!!!


I was happy to see the beginning of two of these being installed on SE 28th between Burnside and Stark. I will be able to see so much better when going across the street.


Looking good. I wish the local council here would listen to the people and install more of these around my town. We have like 2 in the center that are always rammed!

Michael Ballard

I saw these in Chico, CA and it seems like they were a little more protected there. Either way, it is good to see more and better parking for bicycles. If nothing else, it quite graphically shows how little space they take up compared to cars.

Daniel Ronan

This is so exciting. I would really like to see more of these in the city-designated “town centers” to increase bikes as a part of overall mode share. Maybe the City Council could actively encourage this to happen in these specific areas? These areas areas area already connected with several bus lines, so increasing the capacity to lock bikes is good sense.

Anyway, I have more thoughts of creating bike corrals as roundabouts at my blog:

Tell me what you think!

Sue 'sans' helmet

you are light years ahead of us here in australia – i still have to look around for a parking meter or a power pole