Report (with photos): Daytime Naked Ride

What more wholesome, charming sight to greet you bombing down Glisan on a warm, overcast day than 50 or so ebullient naked people on bikes?

That’s what happened to me and a friend today. I threw my bike on the grass and pulled out my camera as people rode by cheering and urging us to take off our clothes and join them. Their glee was infectious — we nearly did. But they were moving fast, and the lure of coffee was strong.

Below are a few of the photos. See you all at the main event tonight!

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Elly Blue (Columnist)

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bikey Mama carie
bikey Mama carie
14 years ago

Glad to see so many friends join Cody Cougar Bikencamp on this daytime ride!
We stayed together and had a blast ending and joining the cirque du cycling- heck yeah!
bike summer love,

bikey Mama carie
bikey Mama carie
14 years ago

ok, ended the ride at cique, joined the parade before all the racing!
cheers& pedalpalooza love!

14 years ago

For a lot of us the ride didn’t end at the cirque. Around three dozen were still in “can’t stop” mode and rode on down to the Steel Bridge, across to Waterfront Park, past Saturday Market and the Pride compound to end up at the fountain, where we rode through the splashing water. And after a pause for the second tire repair of the tour, the dozen-plus diehard “last guerrillas in the hills” took a loop through downtown, came back via the Hawthorne Bridge and on back to the circle at Glisan. Someone said we totalled over sixteen miles. It was a good workout, and an awesome day.