Bike poster proceeds will go to non-profits, memorial fund

All sales of this poster will be donated
to the Brett Jarolimek Memorial Fund.
(Stencil design by Roll Hardy)

Locally owned and operated Stumptown Printers has decided to donate all proceeds of their series of limited edition bike posters to local non-profit groups and a fund that raises money for bike safety programs.

One of the posters features the stencil of Brett Jarolimek that was first painted on a wall near the intersection of N. Interstate and Greeley where he lost his life back in October of last year (the painting was later removed by ODOT).

Proceeds from sales of the Jarolimek poster ($4 each) will go directly toward the Brett Jarolimek Memorial Fund.

Other posters in the series feature various themes and proceeds from them will go toward Shift and other local, bike-related non-profit groups.

Here are a few of the other designs:

2 color offset poster featuring the Tour
de France founder Henri Desgrange. Art by Janet Attard.

1 color offset, 2 color letterpress
& linocut poster. Original art by Sarah Contrary.

You can see the rest of the posters and purchase them online at

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

Founder of BikePortland (in 2005). Father of three. North Portlander. Basketball lover. Car owner and driver. If you have questions or feedback about this site or my work, feel free to contact me at @jonathan_maus on Twitter, via email at, or phone/text at 503-706-8804. Also, if you read and appreciate this site, please become a supporter.

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15 years ago

So…. where\’s the Brent poster, I don\’t see it at the web site

15 years ago

I second the question of where\’s the Brett poster?

Adams Carroll (News Intern)
15 years ago

i\’m not sure what the problem is… when I go to the link on Stumptown\’s site I see the Brett J poster at the top.

Matt Picio
15 years ago

Minor nitpick – \”Shift and other… non-profit groups\” – Shift is not a non-profit group. Parts of Shift are fiscally sponsored by umbrella, which *is* a non-profit, but Shift itself is unincorporated and not in itself a non-profit under state or federal law.

Chris Sullivan
Chris Sullivan
15 years ago

I also had problems yesterday, but it looks like they fixed the issue today. Try it now.

15 years ago

It is a shame that people are learning the wrong lesson from the death of this Bikers. They canonize him in a strange update of Horst Wessel (For you bikers that was a nazi) and people say things like

\”I\’m really absolutely fed up with the idea that we have to abdicate our rights in order to have safety on the streets,\” said Robert Reid, a Portland attorney

The lesson here is. Driving defensively means you some times \”Gasp here bikers\” Have to yield to common sense and physics. We cannot pad the world with Sorbothane so you don\’t die.

The lesson is you are a fragile human being and you deserve to live. Now stop being arrogant and start showing that you value your own life by putting on a helmet, lights, reflectors, stopping at lights and stop signs and yes sometimes as most adults have to do yielding to some one else just to be safe, even if you have the right away. Safe and alive beats right and dead every time.

15 years ago

Hi- Just want to let all yall know that these posters can be picked up at the shop here in Portland.We are located at Albina & N Interstate on the bike route. PLEASE CALL FIRST!
Stumptown Printers
Firefly Press & Blackberry Press
2293 N. Interstate Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97227
Open Tues-Fri 9am-6pm

Stumptown Printers is a cooperatively owned and operated print shop. We specialize in unique music packaging, and offer letterpress and environmentally responsible offset printing, utilizing low impact pressroom supplies, alcohol free dampening, vegetable-based ink, and recycled paper.
We are proud to announce two new posters now available at our shop and at our on-line store. \”Henri Desgrange\” (art by Janet Attard), and \”Brett J Memorial\” (art by Roll Hardy). Proceeds from sales benefit bicycle advocacy activities.****

15 years ago


HOW DARE YOU COMPARE BRETT TO HORST WESSEL!! Horst Wessel (an SA storm trooper) and the song associated with the NAZI party were and are vile and have absolutely no facets comparable to Brett, his life, the circumstances of his death at the hands of a careless vehicle operator, OR the art executed to memorialize Brett.

This thread is about the poster publications, not bashing people you did not know regarding situations which you are demonstrably ignorant. Your over-excited, hate-filled opinion belongs back on your own blog. Please take your senseless therapy sessions back there.


15 years ago

…er, that should be:

about which you are demonstrably ignorant.

15 years ago

\”Now stop being arrogant and start showing that you value your own life by putting on a helmet, lights, reflectors, stopping at lights and stop signs and yes sometimes as most adults have to do yielding to some one else just to be safe, even if you have the right away.\”

Yes, doing all those things will cause drivers to put down their cell phones, be more attentive when turning right, use their turn signals, and obey speed limits. Come on out and ride with me and I\’ll show you a good right hook…