Sneak preview: Portland bike moves get national spotlight

Like I mentioned back in April, Portland will be prominently featured on a TV show to air on the Sundance Channel later this month.

Our bike-friendliness will be on the national stage yet again when their Big Ideas for a Small Planet series turns its attention to transportation. The episode features Mia Birk (former PDOT bike program manager and now consultant at Alta Planning), as well as one of Portland’s time-honored bikey traditions — the bike move.

Check a “webisode” of the segment below (or watch it here):

The full episode is slated for May 27th at 9:00pm (check your local listings). More information at the Sundance Channel.

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Matt Picio
14 years ago

If you\’re thinking about a bike move, now\’s the time. After this airs, there\’s a good chance one or two film crews will want to come out and get footage of a bike move. (maybe more than 2 crews – stranger things have happened) This is another great opportunity to show people how to have fun and build community using the bicycle.

el timito
el timito
14 years ago

Check out Rev Phil\’s smirk as I pontificate on the wonders of Bike Move. And check out the beautiful fall foliage in my (former) West Gresham neighborhood.
Ahh…bike moves!

14 years ago

Yeah Timo and Mia!

14 years ago

best fax-move ever