CCC Bike of the Month – May

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This is a monthly feature to remind you that when you buy a used bike from the Community Cycling Center’s retail shop (1700 NE Alberta) you are not just getting a cool bike, you’re also helping fund their amazing education programs for low-income youth and adults.

[Written by Alison Hill Graves with the CCC]

Since May is such a wonderful month for bicycling, we have a very special bicycle for the occasion. This month is National Bike Month, Reach the Beach month, and it’s (finally!) spring. It’s always fun to ride with other people — this bike makes sharing a ride a requirement.

Ready to take home from
the CCC for $495.

This 2007 Trek Cruiserliner Tandem for $495 is a great ride, perfect for sharing life’s precious moments and enjoying Portland’s Platinum bicycle culture. Whether enjoying May’s longer days, pedaling to the farmer’s market, a movie, or around the neighborhood, this bike will have you riding in super-style!

This 7-speed tandem has a sturdy aluminum frame, full fenders, a sky blue color and is available for $495 at the Community Cycling Center at 1700 NE Alberta every day but Monday from 10am – 7pm.

This bike also carries the special spirit of a friend, Brian Reynolds, a local bicycle advocate and inspired bicycle commuter, who waged a fifteen-year battle with cancer. Brian, an inspired patient, used bicycles as part of his cancer treatment. He rode thousands of miles in the LiveStrong ride, Cycle Oregon, and Reach the Beach over the years.

Last year he needed a partner’s help to stay on the bike, so the tandem was the perfect solution. After his death last winter, Brian’s wife, Gail, donated the tandem to the Community Cycling Center, to help spread the joy of bicycles.

Ride this bike with someone you love and cherish the beauty and vibrancy of this wonderful city we share with all of its great people and spirits.

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

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15 years ago

that\’s kind of a sad story

15 years ago

Just so folks know, the tandem was sold. We have lots of other great bikes, though.


Community Cycling Center

13 years ago

Brian was a truly inspiring person.
A documentary about BRIAN was entered into the Bend Film Festival this last weekend. It was won the ‘Peoples Choice’ Award. To view the 59min film, go to: