Council candidates at Bike Lunch today

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Daniel Johnson (pre-trim).
(Photos © J. Maus)

Daniel Johnson — the guy behind the pothole ride — started Bike Lunch as a way to meet people and encourage community among folks who ride.

The idea is simple: Meet every Friday during the lunch hour and share conversation among friends old and new. The event is catching on and more and more people are making it their regular Friday lunch stop (they meet at Backspace (115 NW 5th Ave) or Waterfront Park if it’s dry).

In recent weeks, City Council candidates Chris Smith and Jeff Bissonnette have dropped in to meet voters and chat up their bikey credentials — so Johnson figured, why not invite both of them for an informal debate?

He did, and they accepted.

Bike Back the Night-19.jpg

Jeff Bissonnette

Chris Smith

So today at Bike Lunch (sorry for late notice), the two City Council hopefuls will answer your questions and share their thoughts on bikes and transportation issues.

Bissonnette and Smith were both endorsed by Bike.Walk.Vote. and they’re locked in tight race for Seat #2 that also includes Amanda Fritz, Charles Lewis and John Branam.

If you work downtown or can make it over there, here are the details:

    Bike Lunch: Debate Edition
    12:15 – 1: 15
    at Backspace (115 NW 5th Ave)

…and stay tuned for more election coverage from…

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Daniel (teknotus) Johnson
Daniel (teknotus) Johnson
14 years ago

Definately at Backspace rain, or shine today. Cinco De Mayo festival at the usual outdoor location.

Dan Kaufman
14 years ago

Thanks for putting this together, Daniel. I am sorry I couldn\’t make it. I\’d love to hear peoples reaction/synopsis. Right now I am strongly behind Chris Smith.

Daniel (teknotus) Johnson
Daniel (teknotus) Johnson
14 years ago

Both of them had such great answers that I can understand why bike walk vote gave a dual endorsement. We recorded with two cameras. One of the videos may be up in a few hours as it was created with an automated podcasting system, though one without a wireless card, or the video might have been up already. A higher quality video will most likely be available early next week.

14 years ago

D\’oh, I wasn\’t sure if Bikelunch was today or Thursday so I didn\’t go. On the one week I wanted to!

Dan Kaufman
14 years ago

Here is the video: Thanks go to Daniel Johnson for hosting the debate and Bob Richardson for shooting and editing it.