PDOT announces Bicycle Master Plan Rides

“Can we create–even if only for a little while and in a limited area–the feeling one gets when riding in world class cycling cities?”
-PDOT’s Roger Geller

In case you haven’t heard the buzz, PDOT is in the midst of updating their Bicycle Master Plan (the current one is over 10 years old).

The Bicycle Master Plan is the key document for all bike-related infrastructure and usage decisions in Portland, and with only one update each decade, it’s imperative that we make it as good as it possibly can be.

To that end, PDOT bike czar Roger Geller has just announced a series of monthly “Bicycle Master Plan Rides”.

According to Roger, there are multiple goals for these rides:

1) Education. To have Portlanders understand the standard tools the City uses to create bikeways; how we use them and why we use them. Most importantly, people need to experience them and get a feel for how they work and begin to think about what might work better.

2) Vision. Can we create–even if only for a little while and in a limited area–the feeling one gets when riding in world class cycling cities? Can we give people a vision and perhaps the sensation of how Portland can be a world-class cycling city?

3) Discussion Forum. I want to create a regular forum in which people interested in bicycling can meet regularly, look at conditions in the field, and hold discussions about them that range as far as the group wishes to take them. What works, what doesn’t work, how do we improve?

[Detail of ride map.
Download PDF]

The first rides will focus on existing bikeways, but as the focus expands to changing the network and developing new routes, the rides will change accordingly. Geller also adds that he’s starting with the inner Eastside because, “these roads are the most bikeable in the city”. He says future rides will eventually touch every section of the city.

Here are the details for the first Bicycle Master Plan Ride:

  • Tuesday, February 6th
  • Meet at 5:15 at Terry Schrunk Plaza (SW 3rd between Madison & Jefferson). Briefly discuss ride logistics/issues
  • Ride at 5:30
  • Ride for 1 hour or so along predetermined route with several stops
  • Convene afterward for as long as needed to discuss what we saw, how we felt about it, ideas we have, etc.

You can download a detailed PDF of the route that shows all the areas of interest the ride will focus on.

This is not just a great chance to ride with and learn from PDOT’s top bike guy, but it’s a golden opportunity to get involved and have a say in a process that will impact all of us for many years to come.

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Chris Sullivan
16 years ago

What a great idea. Glad to see PDOT reaching out early on the new plan.

16 years ago

hope you guys don’t get confused with the CM scofflaws…

seriously, is there mechanism for real public comment and review on this “master plan”?

or will it be delivered from top of the mountain by the preordainted tsar and delivered to the adoring and fearful public?

16 years ago

In defense of the planners – all of the planners at PDOT, and in other city bureaus, that I’ve worked were always quite earnest about listening to and considering all of the comments they recieved. The problem is that they often recieve so many comments that it’s difficult to respond to all ideas and that makes it hard for you to see how your comments impact the process. But they do. And yes, the politicians have an impact on the course of things but that is no reason not to speak out. It’s kind of like voting – your canditate may not always win but if you don’t vote your right to complain is forfeited.

Roger Geller
Roger Geller
16 years ago

There will be a standard public process that will be easily recognizable: web site with opportunity to comment, public meetings, open houses, etc.

It’s just good to get out into the field and see things on the street, no?

Again, the goals of the ride are: education, create a vision, provide a discussion forum.

cap'n pastry
cap'n pastry
16 years ago

…and to feel the hygge!