Stolen: White/Black Redline

Posted by SilamentX

This bike was actually stolen from my driveway where i accidentally left it for a couple of hours. this is my second bike stolen from my driveway and i live in a dead-end with 80% of my neighborhood being elderly so if its anyone from my neighborhood its narrowed down already to 2 possible people. but im not about to flat out accuse anyone.

Its nothing special but hard to miss. its a White framed bike with black and white Redline stickers on it. all Black handlebars with black X-X-X like grips. The hardest part to miss if it hasnt been changed is the Seat. my dogs chewed it up quite a bit so about half of the seat is chewed off. Black tires… nothin classy.

My honest opinion is this bike is going to be sold for money to buy narcotics because i have a neighbor 2 houses down thats a meth-attic and were pretty sure hes stolen atleast 1 of the two bikes.

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