Alberta Street gets even more bike art

redbird studio bike stuff
redbird studio bike stuff

[Greeting card by Redbird Studio]

The other day I went to the opening of Tour de Crepes on Alberta Street. This is the new joint opened by a supporter of the bike community and devoted cyclist, Brenda Drain.

The visit confirmed that Alberta Street is perhaps the most bikey in the city. Besides being home to icons of the Portland bike scene like the Community Cycling Center and the Alberta Clownhouse, more bikey businesses and art are popping up all the time.

While I was eating a very tasty crepe on the patio of Tour de Crepes, I looked up and noticed a new mural right next door. I smiled when I saw a self-portrait of Dingo the Clown and his friend Frank atop their tall bikes (see photo).

Then, I discovered a brand new art studio has opened up next door called Redbird Studio. Artists Mel Rau and her partner Paul Evans make hand-made greeting cards, stationery, shirts and bags. I noticed they have some great bike-themed stuff and I snapped a few pictures. They’re at 2927 NE Alberta and you should check them out next time you’re in the neighborhood.

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16 years ago

Love the baby card.

16 years ago

We DEFINITELY need to get over and support Tour de Crepes… not only are they bike friendly, they are KID friendly. My daughter had a BLAST playing in the sandbox on Easter. How refreshing to be able to bike as a family someplace and have EVERYONE welcome. Three cheers for the crepe shop – our new hangout!

portraits from photos
16 years ago

Hey Jonathan,

Great photos. Thank you for sharing.

How did it become such a bikey community?