The art of bikes at Alberta Artwalk

Tiago's bike art

[Painting by Tiago.
Art imitates life.]

I checked out the Last Thursday Artwalk on Alberta last week.

I was hoping to see the Clownhouse in all its glory, but unfortunately the rain kept them from most of their fun. The yard was empty of craziness (don’t worry, it will come later), but the house itself was full of energy and I discovered some great bike art by Tiago Denczuk, a.k.a. “Pinga”. I also came across a bike hanging in the window of the pedX shoe store.

Tiago's bike art
shoe store on Alberta

[Are they looking at
the shoes or the bike?]
shoe store on Alberta

In addition to his Clowning with the Alberta crew (which includes folks like Dingo, Rabbit, Caffeine and Turbo), Tiago is a devout Zoobomber and an intelligent voice on the Shift email list. I knew he had an eye for beauty judging from his great photos of Mini Bike Winter, but I had no idea he was such a talented painter. His greeting cards were cool too.

As for the shoe store…nothing really exciting there (unless you needed shoes), I just had fun snapping a few photos of the bike in the window.

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

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18 years ago

When I came home (24th at Wygant) there was fire breathing clowns on the corner (24th at Alberta) and no place to park on the whole block. But really, I’m just bit@#ing, about the parking part…..