Messenger launches frame building biz

Ira Ryan frame,.
[An Ira Ryan frame at Chunkathalon]

[via GravelTech]

Ira Ryan has added his name to the growing list of Portland frame builders. Ira is one of the founders of Magpie Messenger Collective, is the reigning champion of the Trans-Iowa endurance mountain bike race, and apprenticed with Sacha White of Vanilla Bicycles.

Here’s a bit from his just-launched website:

“I’ve channeled my passion into lovingly hand crafted bicycles that people use to train, to work, to travel. It is my belief that a well crafted machine should be within the means of every cyclist. My classically inspired designs are based on your needs and limited only by your imagination. “

And he’s also got a very cool bike tattoo. Congrats Ira, here’s to your success!

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16 years ago

I need a Ira bike. It will be a while, maybe even next year, before I can even imagine mentioning it to him. But, one day, I will.
Then he will laugh, and laugh some more.
Then when I assure him I have the money, he will laugh and ask for proof.
Then my bike will be started.
But, this will not be for a long time…….
This makes me very sad.
Me want.

Custom Bicycles
16 years ago

Nice work!