Willamette Week tackles major cycling issue

Good thing we’ve got the Willy Week watching our backs (or should I say fronts?).

In an article titled, “Hey Numbnuts” they bring in an OHSU urologist to dispel an article in the NY Times about a link between erectile dysfunction (E.D.) and bike seats. For 95% of cyclists, this is a non-issue. But every time this pops up in the media, everyone talks about it…and the doctors that specialize in E.D. get a nice bump in business.

If you (or your significant other) is concerned about this issue, the Willy Week put together a quick quiz that will put your mind at ease:


  1. Daily commutes by bicycle are likely to lead to erectile dysfunction.
  2. There is a higher prevalence of E.D. in Portland than in other comparably sized U.S. cities.
  3. Bike-seat-related E.D. is often preceded by genital numbness.
  4. There are too many hidden causes of E.D. to try to list them.
  5. The only way to avoid bike-seat-related E.D. while maintaining a cycling habit is to ride your bike standing up.

Get the answers and read the full story at the Willamette Week.

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16 years ago

Nice…you got to use the words Willy, “pops up” and “bump” all in the same article. = )

16 years ago

also “issue”, “standing up”, “prevalence”, and “genital”