Stolen: Purple Bridgestone

STOLEN by some FU**ER

Purple Bridgestone Mens Bike

Stolen from 8705 SE 11th Ave In Sellwood
26” wheels
Nice bike..
Very missed : – (

So I just moved back to Portland me and my wife were so excited about coming here I grew up in Oregon city but always wanted to live in PDX so now I do.

Anyway so for the fist time in my life I actually started using a bike for new environmental convictions and the need to be healthier.

So today I take my father downtown and stop by the goodwill to buy a helmet for my bike and try and find one for my wife.

I just bought this bike two weeks ago.
Bought the lock and lights..

Well by the time I got home some ass stole it.. right from the front of my house..

I did however hear that there is a house in Sellwood 8851 SE 11th Ave that has a habit of stealing bikes.. They have 3 in their yard right now.. None of them mine..

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