West-side group wants advice about bike parking locations in the burbs

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The (Epic) Sushi Ride

The suburbanite’s familiar search.
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Suburban parking lots often fail horribly at bike parking — not because it’s expensive but simply because developers weren’t thinking about it.

But as hundreds of Portland retailers can testify, decent bike parking is a big part of making a business district bike-friendly. It’s a key part of making it feel natural and normal to go out for an errand, a beer, a meeting, a movie or a daycare dropoff on a bicycle.

With low-car lifestyles getting more common in Washington County over the last few years, some people in the area are looking to upgrade the bike parking. That’s why the Westside Transportation Alliance is working on a project right now to select the best locations for new bike racks.

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Westside transportation pro will lead new Washington Park access group

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Heather McCarey

The director of one of the region’s older transportation nonprofits is moving to one of the region’s newest.

Heather McCarey announced Wednesday that she’ll be leaving the Westside Transportation Alliance to become executive director of the newly formed Washington Park Transportation Management Association, which will focus on improving bike, transit and carpool travel options to Washington Park.

Both organizations are chartered by local governments to reduce auto travel by making it easier for people to reach their destinations by walking, biking, or taking public transportation.

The Westside TMA seeks to improve non-auto travel options throughout Washington County and is funded by a federally funded grant administered by Metro and voluntary dues from Washington County employers. The new Washington Park TMA will be funded by a similar Metro grant plus auto parking fees from people who bring autos to visit the park and its tenants: the Oregon Zoo, World Forestry Center, Portland Children’s Museum, Portland Japanese Garden and Hoyt Arboretum.

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Westside Transportation Alliance says “Thank You” to Washington County

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People gathered at a bar in
Beaverton to give thanks to
those who help make projects
(Photos: Will Vanlue)

Earlier this week the Westside Transportation Alliance (WTA) gathered a group of advocates and citizens from around Washington County to write thank-you notes to people who have helped promote and improve conditions for bicycling, walking, and public transit in the region.

The WTA hosted the event at Billy’s Bar, a new locally-owned business in Beaverton.

The focus of advocacy work is often on activities before a project takes place: letter writing, testifying at meetings, calling elected officials, and etc. After a project is complete it’s easy to move on to the next big thing while forgetting to take the time to thank everyone who made past projects successful.

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