Updates on Red Electric, Waud Bluff, and Westside Trail projects

Cover of new brochure to promote Red Electric Trail. My inbox is full of updates on major multi-use path projects happening in and around Portland, so I’ve decided to round them up into one post. (And yes, you’ll notice I don’t like to refer to them as “trail” projects, even though that word is in … Read more

Buffered Bike Lane with a bike symbol and arrow pointing forward

Steepness, stairs will limit bike access on new Waud Bluff Trail

Detail of new sign that will be posted at entrance to Waud Bluff Trail. Next Tuesday, officials from the City of Portland Parks and Recreation bureau will join community leaders at a groundbreaking ceremony for the Waud Bluff Trail; a short, paved path that will connect North Portland and Swan Island near the University of … Read more