The Dalles

New website details excellent roads and routes in The Dalles

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor) by on August 6th, 2019 at 2:31 pm

This bold claim greets visitors to the front page of
(Photos: David Boerner)

Ever loved riding in an area so much you became obsessed with it? So much so you found yourself poring over lines on maps, dreaming and scheming on how to ride them all?
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Racers treated to perfect conditions at annual Gorge Roubaix weekend

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor) by on April 6th, 2016 at 1:18 pm


Racers string out as they make their way up the famous Rowena Loops en route to Mosier during Day 1 of the Gorge Roubaix.
(Photos: Leonard Johnson/Hot Foot Photo)

The Oregon Bicycle Racing Association calendar took racers to The Dalles this past weekend for the Gorge Roubaix. Event promoters offered two days of racing (and one non-competitive “gravel grinder” ride) along some of the most beautiful roads in the state.
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The Ride: Gorge backroads delight on the Dalles Mountain Mutiny

Avatar by on March 18th, 2016 at 9:59 am

Looking back towards The Dalles where we started.
(Photos and words by Gabriel Tiller/Limberlost)

Welcome to The Ride, our ongoing series of inspirational adventure stories sponsored by 21st Avenue Bicycles. See more from this series here.

It’s becoming that time of year again when cyclists start coming out of hibernation and you can usually count on it being sunny (or at least not snowy) in the rolling grass hills of the eastern Columbia River Gorge. One of VeloDirt’s longest running rides — the Dalles Mountain 60 — took place last weekend starting anarchically from the unassuming parking lot of Holsteins Coffee in The Dalles. For a non-event, just a murmur between friends on Instagram or the simple expectation of tradition every second Saturday of March, it’s a rather popular ride.
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What mountain bike racing looks like in eastern Oregon (from way above)

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor) by on March 7th, 2016 at 3:42 pm

Most regular readers of this site know that I have a major crush on eastern Oregon. If you love to ride bicycles, it’s sort of a paradise. It has wide open roads, big skies, forests, lakes, rivers, and wonderful rural towns full of nice people.
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Last Day of Cycle Oregon: Closing the loop in The Dalles

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor) by on September 15th, 2014 at 2:23 pm

Cycle Oregon 2014 - Day 7-1

The final descent into Riverfront Park in The Dalles.
(Photo by J. Maus/BikePortland)

After seven days, 489 miles, and 35,000 feet of climbing, my Cycle Oregon 2014 experience concluded in The Dalles on Saturday.
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Cycle Oregon Day 1 – The Dalles to Glenwood

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor) by on September 7th, 2014 at 9:32 pm

Cycle Oregon 2014 - Day 1-3

Leaving The Dalles at sunrise.
(Photos by J. Maus/BikePortland)
Cycle Oregon 2014 - Day 1-38

Mt. Adams was never too far from view today

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The Dalles welcomes Cycle Oregon on eve of week-long ride

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor) by on September 6th, 2014 at 10:24 pm

Cycle Oregon 2014 - Day 0 The Dalles-44

“The Floozies” — The Dalles official greeters.
(Photos by J. Maus/BikePortland)

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The Dalles at a tipping point says “bike freak” Mayor Stephen Lawrence

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor) by on April 2nd, 2014 at 4:57 pm

A bike tour of The Dalles-3

Mayor of The Dalles, Stephen Lawrence.
(Photos by J. Maus/BikePorltand)

The Dalles’ Mayor Stephen Lawrence described himself as a “Blumenauer bike freak” when I met him in City Hall on Monday. I’m used to elected officials boosting their cycling credentials when they talk with me; but in Mayor Lawrence’s case, so far he’s actually backing it up.
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A bike tour of The Dalles: No spandex required

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor) by on April 1st, 2014 at 1:59 am

A bike tour of The Dalles-27

Several murals in downtown The Dalles
depict the area’s rich history.
(Photos by J. Maus/BikePortland)

While most of the attention for cycling in The Dalles is focused on the stellar roads outside the city, you’ll be missing a lot if you don’t explore the town itself. Put another way; you don’t have to wear spandex or be ultra-fit to explore the cool things this town has to offer. From history, to local watering holes, to big views of the Gorge, a bike is all you need to take it all in.

After being here a few days, I heard about several “must-see” destinations over and over again. So today, I headed out and connected a bunch of them up into a tour. I had a great time doing it myself, so I figured it’d be worth sharing.
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Chad Sperry, The Dalles’ bike ambassador

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor) by on March 31st, 2014 at 11:03 pm

The Dalles - Day One-37

Breakaway Promotions owners Chad Sperry (right) and
Lori Waters (center), with employee Tony Kic
outside Baldwin Saloon in The Dalles.
(Photos by J. Maus/BikePortland)

It seems like every notable bike city has its unofficial bicycle ambassador. Sometimes it’s a blogger and consultant, like the case of Mikael Colville-Andersen in Copenhagen; or it can even be a city official, like when Mia Birk led the cycling charge in Portland in the 1990s. Out here in The Dalles, the position rests with a man named Chad Sperry.

Sperry is co-owner of Breakaway Promotions, one of the largest and most successful bicycle race event production companies in Oregon. Sperry runs the business with wife and business partner Lori Waters. Together, they’re responsible for an impressive list of events; from mountain biking to elite-level road races and national championships. In total, they put on over two dozen events with over 60 event days in Idaho, Utah and Oregon. His Gorge Roubaix is one of the reasons I decided to come to The Dalles. And it’s an event with extra meaning because Sperry lives here and he’s an unabashed advocate of cycling in his home town.
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