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Police recover 16 stolen bikes in downtown Portland

See your bike? (Photo: Portland Police Bureau) The Portland police uncovered over a dozen stolen bicycles in northwest Portland today. According to a police statement, they received a call from the Biltmore Hotel (310 NW 6th Ave) after cleaning staff found that the room of an evicted tenant, “was filled with bicycles and associated parts.” … Read more

Shop owner does the right thing and recovers a stolen bike

Jennifer and her Linus re-united.(Photo: Jennifer Cree) We have a long tradition of sharing bike theft recovery stories here on BikePortland. While we’ve seen just about everything from police chases to citizen stings, one of the most common ways bikes come back is through the diligence and courtesy of well-meaning bike shop employees. In fact, … Read more

Buffered Bike Lane with a bike symbol and arrow pointing forward

Two years later, police sting and Craigslist help get stolen bike back

Shop owner Wakefield Gregg set up the sting.(Photo © J. Maus/BikePortland) A bike stolen from The eBike Store on N. Vancouver and Alberta two years ago has been recovered thanks to some citizen sleuthing and a sting operation by the Beaverton Police Department. The shop’s owner, Wakefield Gregg, checks Craigslist for stolen bikes everyday. His … Read more

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Samaritans and serial numbers: Three stolen bike recoveries, two things in common

“If the person looking to buy my bike from Goodwill hadn’t checked your site, I would have never recovered it… Thanks!” — A happily reunited bike owner It’s been a while since we mentioned our Stolen Bike Listings or shared a stolen bike recovery story. I used to keep track of every recovery, but after … Read more

Getting creative to help recover bikes: An ode to serial numbers

Police Officer Robert Pickett(File photo © Jonathan Maus) Police Officer Robert Pickett passes on the news that thew newly formed Southeast Precinct Neighborhood Enhancement Team, with help from the SE Precinct Bicycle Patrol, has uncovered a stash of stolen property. “The loot” he says, includes nine “well-loved bicycles”. Unfortunately, when he ran the serial numbers, … Read more