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Speeding, truck traffic top concerns at St. Johns neighborhood forum

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St. Johns traffic safety forum-5.jpg

A big turnout in St. Johns.
(Photos: J. Maus/BikePortland)

About 75 people packed into the St. Johns Community Center on a rainy Monday night because they want the streets in front of their homes, schools and businesses to be safer and more humane.

The event, hosted by the St. Johns Neighborhood Association’s Safety and Livability Team, was scheduled before the death of a bicycle rider on the St. Johns Bridge late last month; but that tragedy has given even greater urgency to the concerns expressed last night.

Like many areas of Portland, St. Johns residents are fed-up with their streets being dominated by people who drive too fast and cut-through their neighborhoods to avoid congestion. Another issue on the minds of many last night was how their part of the city is hemmed in by large arterial streets managed by the Oregon Department of Transportation to prioritize freight traffic at the expense of everything else.

“Trucks drive fast past homes and crosswalks,” someone scrawled on a piece of paper that was turned in after the meeting. “And the road is too small for them… Residents don’t open their windows because of the fumes!”
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St. Johns fatality fuels fire of neighborhood’s safe streets activism

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Riding in st johns

Riding in downtown St. Johns.
(Photo: J. Maus/BikePortland)

The death of an innocent man on the St. Johns Bridge last weekend has spurred — and renewed — activism around transportation reform on many fronts.

Tired of freight trucks and reckless driving holding their streets hostage, on Monday the St. Johns Neighborhood Association will host a forum to delve deeper into the issues of traffic and transportation safety. Oregon House Speaker Tina Kotek and representatives from the Portland Bureau of Transportation and the Oregon Department of Transportation are slated to attend. Local residents passed out flyers for the event at last week’s protest ride; but SJNA Board Member and Chair of their Safety and Livability Team Travis Parker tells us the event was planned prior to the collision that killed Mitch York.
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15-year-old clings to life after being hit by a driver near north Portland school – UPDATED

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The intersection of Columbia and Midway. George Middle School is on the left in the background.

The intersection of Columbia and Midway. George Middle School is on the left in the background.

Despite pleas from the police to slow down due to the start of the school year, there has already been a major collision and a 15-year-old boy is clinging to life.

According to the Portland Police Bureau, the crash happened at around 7:45 am this morning at North Columbia Boulevard and Midway — right across the street from George Middle School. The Oregonian has confirmed that the boy is an incoming freshman at nearby Roosevelt High School and was headed to his first day of classes.

As you can see in the photos below, Columbia Blvd is a major industrial freight route with a wide, five-lane cross-section. And Midway is at an angled intersection. The street is so dangerous to cross and so close to a school that it has one of those walking bridges that goes up and over it (bridges that planners and engineers often see as symbolic of a failed street). The speed limit is 40 mph at this location. There’s a speed reader board a few tenths of a mile from the collision site which means that PBOT has been trying to slow speeds down in this area.
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Talking bikes in St. Johns

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View of Mt. Hood from Willamette Blvd-1

The view from
N. Willamette Blvd.
(Photos © J. Maus)

We had our first ever Get Together event in St. Johns tonight and I have to say — mission accomplished!

We had a nice turnout. Knowledge was shared. New connections were made. Beer, fries, tots, and burgers were consumed. All in all, a great way to kickoff this new series of events.

One thing I’m looking forward to with these events is riding in different neighborhoods. I haven’t ridden on N. Willamette Blvd. for a long time and, with a clear view of Mt. Hood, I picked a great night to head up there. (Unfortunately, my ride ended on a bad note when I encountered a major repaving project toward the northern end of the street. The city has torn up the middle of the roadway, leaving a very sharp curb to mount in order to stay in the shoulder/bike lane. Add the high speed of cars, buses, and lots of dust, and the idyllic N. Willamette experience on the bluff turns quickly unpleasant.)[Read more…]

Tonight: Let’s ‘Get Together’ in St. Johns

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Bike to Work Day

The always-entertaining
Timo Forsberg from PBOT
will join us tonight.
(Photo © J. Maus)

Just a reminder that tonight is our Get Together event up in St. Johns.

If you live, work, or ride in the St. Johns area, we’d love to meet you and hear about what’s on your mind in terms of the local bike scene. General advocacy, bike fun, PBOT plans — bring your insights and questions to share with others in the community.

I’m happy to announce that several folks actively involved with neighborhood transportation issues and two experts from the Bureau of Transportation will be on hand to answer your questions.[Read more…]

Join us for a “Get Together” in St Johns

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Slug Velo Coffee Worship ride

Riding along N. Central Ave.
in St. Johns.
(Photo © J. Maus)

We’re excited to announce the first in what we hope are many BikePortland Get Togethers. The first one is happening this Tuesday (2/3) in St. Johns (details below).

The idea behind these new events is simple. We want to meet up with you off-line and give you an opportunity to connect with your neighbors for a lively discussion about local bike issues.

Anyone who lives, works, commutes, or otherwise spends time in the neighborhood is invited to join us.

Each month we’ll hold one in a different part of the city and we’ll bring in folks who are involved in the local bike scene to help kickstart the conversation. [Read more…]

Manifest preview: Neal Fegan of Montana Transit Authority

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Neal Fegan and “Blue” outside his shop in St. Johns.
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(Photos J. Maus)

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