Census: Portland biking stalls for fifth year while other cities climb

Source: Census American Community Survey. Image by BikePortland. Portland’s hard-won status as “America’s bike capital” hasn’t looked less secure since it claimed the title in 2005. The number of Portlanders who get to work primarily by bike was statistically unchanged in 2012, ticking from 6.3 percent to 6.1 percent of the city’s working population. Across … Read more

Dispatch from Disaster Relief Trials in Seattle

Portlander Mike Cobb competed at the Seattle Disaster Relief Trials.(Photo by Fred Bretsch – FEMA Region 10) Seattle cargo bike advocates held their first Disaster Relief Trials event over the weekend. The event sprung up thanks to inspiration from Portland’s event of the same name that was held last year. Portlander Mike Cobb traveled north … Read more

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Survey: Majority of Seattleites like bikes, ride bikes, want more bikes

Seattle wants more of them.(Photo © J. Maus/BikePortland) An ongoing “bike backlash” and “war on cars” pushed by the local media, biking as a wedge-issue in political campaigns, fear from politicians about doing “too much” for bikes — sounds like Portland right? Well, Seattle (not to mention New York City and many others) suffers from … Read more

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In Seattle, bike crashes on streetcar tracks lead to lawsuit

Mixing with streetcar tracks in Northwest Portland.(Photo © J. Maus) The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports today that six people who crashed while biking across streetcar tracks are now suing the city for negligence because more was not done to make the tracks safe: “Six cyclists who crashed while crossing the South Lake Union Streetcar tracks are … Read more

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Seattle launches campaign to fund active transportation

Screenshot from StreetsforAllSeattle.org. A major campaign has been launched in Seattle to raise money for biking, walking and transit projects. Streets for All Seattle is the result of a new and broad coalition of labor, transportation, and environmental advocacy groups that have come together to pressure city leaders to get serious about paying for multi-modal … Read more