Noted bike advocate runs for Washington County chair

Washington County CommissionerDick Schouten.(Photo © J. Maus) Washington County Commissioner, former Alice B. Toeclips Award winner, and active bike advocate Dick Schouten is running (or should I say riding) for what the Beaverton Valley Times refers to as “Washington County’s top job.” Schouten announced his intentions to run for the position of chairman of the … Read more

Buffered Bike Lane with a bike symbol and arrow pointing forward

Obama makes pick for Transpo. Secretary (it’s not who you think it is)

Introducing Ray LaHood, your next Transportation Secretary. On Friday, President Elect Obama is expected to make the formal announcement that Ray LaHood, a retiring seven-term Republican congressman from Peoria Illinois, will be his Transportation Secretary. LaHood is a long-time friend of Obama and has worked closely in the past with Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm … Read more