ODOT wins ‘diversity leadership’ award for I-5 Rose Quarter project

Interstate 5 through the Rose Quarter is a monument to the systemic racism that pervaded the Federal Highway Administration and their enablers at the Oregon Department of Transportation in the 1960s. The path of the freeway cut through the heart of Portland’s Black community like a “meat axe” and displaced hundreds of people. The loss … Read more

Judge rules against Oregon Department of Transportation in I-5 Rose Quarter public records case

“It’s not a public involvement campaign. It’s a PR campaign. [This project] is deeply unpopular, and ODOT has to work really hard just to spin it as anything but.” – Alan Kessler, lawyer The Oregon Department of Transportation has wanted to get its I-5 Rose Quarter expansion done for well over a decade, but a … Read more

I-5 Rose Quarter update: ODOT’s survey, Tubman relocation, and more

Now that the City of Portland and the Albina Vision Trust have both signed onto Oregon Department of Transportation plans to expand I-5 at the Rose Quarter it may seem like smooth sailing for the controversial project. And if Governor Kate Brown gets her wish, pro-freeway candidate Lee Beyer will be the next member of … Read more

After two-year stoppage, Portland ready to work on I-5 Rose Quarter project

Some harsh words were spoken about the legacy and impact of I-5 through the Rose Quarter at a Portland City Council meeting Wednesday. But for a project that has withstood years of stinging criticism and controversy, the overall tone was downright collegial. “This is a big step.” – Jo Ann Hardesty, commissioner At one point, … Read more

Activists wary as City of Portland plans vote to re-start work on I-5 Rose Quarter project

After years of back and forth between the City of Portland and the Oregon Department of Transportation on the plan to widen I-5 at the Rose Quarter in Portland, a negotiation may be back on the table. At today’s Portland City Council meeting, the city will adopt an intergovernmental agreement (IGA) with ODOT to provide … Read more