What can Europe learn from Portland about bikes? A conversation about E.U. transport policy

Portland’s bike culture inspiresthe world. The Sprockettes perform atthe Multnomah County Bike Fair (Photo © J. Maus) I rode out in the rain last night to grab a beer with Mattia Pellegrini, a member of the cabinet of the Vice President / Commissioner for Transportation of the European Union. Pellegrini, whose background is in environmental … Read more

Mayor Adams headed to Brussels for Velo-city Conference

That’s a cool logo. I hope someonebrings me back a T-shirt. Portland Mayor Sam Adams, his Chief of Staff Tom Miller, and Bureau of Transportation traffic safety specialist Greg Raisman will visit Brussels, Belgium next week for the 29th annual Velo-city Conference. Widely regarded as the premier bicycle transportation conference in the world (the 2007 … Read more