State finds Disco Trike owner Dan Kaufman “not guilty”

Dan Kaufman on the stand last week.
(Photo © J. Maus/BikePortland)

The State of Oregon has issued a judgment of “not guilty” in the trial of the “Disco Trike” and its owner, local activist and filmmaker Dan Kaufman. The trial was heard by Multnomah County District Court Judge Cheryl Albrecht last Friday and she announced her decision today (PDF).

The Portland Police Bureau arrested Kaufman and seized his video equipment and his adult tricycle on SW Main Street near the Elk statue on the evening January 25th, 2012. Kaufman was participating in the J25 Occupy protests to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the Egyptian uprisings in Tahrir Square. According to court documents, Kaufman was in custody for 40 minutes and his personal property was impounded (it was released to him one month later). Ultimately, he received a violation for Unlawful Operation of Sound Producing Equipment. The police testified in court last Friday that the amplified music being played from his Disco Trike was agitating the crowd and that it could be heard beyond the legal distance of 100 feet.

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Activists to Mayor Adams: Free the Disco Trike or face bike swarm – UPDATED

(Graphic: PDX Bike Swarm)

After Dan Kaufman’s Disco Trike was confiscated by Portland police during protests last Wednesday, activists are now increasing pressure on City Hall to release it.

In a blog post this morning, PDX Bike Swarm claimed that, “the police had no reason to confiscate it and we want it back.” In addition to impounding his trike, Kaufman says police ripped his video camera out of his hand and handcuffed him.

Now PDX Bike Swarm has issued a threat to Mayor Sam Adams:

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Dan Kaufman’s media trike confiscated by police during J25 protests – UPDATED

Kaufman at an Occupy Portland
event in November.
(Photo © J. Maus/BikePortland)

Local media activist, musician and filmmaker Dan Kaufman of Crank My Chain! CycleTV had his “Disco Trike” impounded by the Portland Police tonight. Kaufman was downtown participating in the “J25” Occupy Portland event in support of the Egyptian uprising. It was planned as a peaceful march, but a large police presence was made and there were tense moments and several arrests. According to The Oregonian, it was the “most contentious Occupy Portland protest in more than a month.”

Kaufman has played an active role at Occupy Portland, especially with the PDX Bike Swarm (we profiled him about involvement back in November).

Kaufman was issued a citation tonight for violation of Portland City Code 14A.30.020: “Unlawful Operation of Sound Producing Equipment.” Kaufman maintains that he was not playing music at the time he was cited (see below for more details).

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Boogie while you bike: Meet the Disco Trike

tour de fat 2007-13

Dan Kaufman and his Disco Trike.
Video below
(Photos © J. Maus)

One of the fringe benefits of pedaling around Portland this time of year are all interesting bikes and people you come across.

One such person is Dan Kaufman.

Dan lives just off the Springwater Corridor Trail in Sellwood with this wife Kirsten (a real estate agent who gives home tours by bike) and his three kids.

Dan is the man behind CrankMyChain! Cycle TV, and in addition to being a fab filmmaker, he’s also a songwriter and audio/video/internet guru.

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