Bill that clarifies existence of bike lanes through intersections passes committee

Despite confusion from some lawmakers that led to an unexpectedly lengthy discussion prior to the vote, House Bill 2682 passed the Joint Committee on Transportation yesterday by a tally of 7-3. I’ve described this bill as a no-brainer; but because it involves bicycling, you just never know what some Oregon legislators will get hung up … Read more

Buffered Bike Lane with a bike symbol and arrow pointing forward

Traffic Division Captain weighs in on bike lane case

Despite appearances, that bike lane continues through the intersection.(Photo © J. Maus) We’ve got more reaction and analysis on the infamous disappearing bike lane decision. First, a quick review: Carmen Piekarski was right-hooked by a woman driving a car while biking through an intersection. Multnomah County Judge Pro Tem Michael Zusman ruled that the person … Read more

Update on disappearing bike lane case: Judge, victim, lawyer respond

No paint, no (legal) protection?(Photo © J. Maus) When bike lane striping disappears through an intersection, does the legal standing of a person operating a bicycle in that lane also vanish? Last month, Multnomah County traffic court judge Michael Zusman ruled that it does and the decision has left many people confused and concerned. We … Read more

Judge: Woman hit in unpainted bike lane is not protected by law

A Portland judge has ruled that when bike lane striping vanishes, like in the intersection of SE 10th and Hawthorne, so does a rider’s legal protection. When Portlander Rob Daray witnessed a right-hook collision on his commute home last summer he thought it was obvious who was at fault. So did the police officer who … Read more